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So a headline in USA TODAY announces “Youngest Americans can start getting COVID-19 vaccines Tuesday. Here's what every parent should know.” The author of this piece tells us (my bold for emphasis) “The coronavirus has been less dangerous for children, especially small ones, than for older adults. That doesn't mean it's harmless.” We’re then told that “More than 200 children ages 1-4 have died from COVID-19”. OK, that is to be sure tragic, but of course we’ll never really know how many of those children (or anyone else) actually died because of COVID or entered the hospital for some other reason and then happen to test positive while there. Actually I’m hopeful that someone sues the CDC for access to all COVID death records and then we might get a better idea…someday. Say in 75 years.

Also, while I know many will think I’m a cold-hearted bastard, we must look at the numbers dispassionately to help guide our societal decisions. About 200 children out of about 20,000,000 over about two and a half years gives you a risk that your child will succumb to the ‘rona of about 0.0004%. That’s four ten-thousandths of one percent. Please keep that tiny, tiny number in mind.

But wait, there’s more. The author of this piece goes on to say; nay has the audacity to tell us “As many as 68% of American preschoolers have been infected over the past two and a half years, missing out on social and learning opportunities and passing the virus on to parents, grandparents and caregivers.” Wow, that’s quite a pair of cajones I’d say. She’s actually going to try to sell us on vaxxing babies by telling us how they’ve missed out on “social and learning opportunities”? After the better part of two years of lockdowns, school closures, social isolation, and masking of toddlers, THIS is the time to lament missing out on social and learning opportunities (for maybe a week) and use that as a reason to stick a needle in Sissy? Mad respect. By the way, the number of kids infected is almost certainly somewhere in the 90+% range and even if it was only 68%, that’s 68% of kids who don’t need your magical elixir, thank you. By the way again, if you’re trying to sell us on vaccinating babies so they don’t “pass it on” to Grandma (remember when protecting Grandma was a thing that we never really did?), as the vaccine CLEARLY does not prevent infection or transmission, what exactly is the sell here?

The article goes on to tell us that the chair of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) states “I am fully confident that vaccines should be recommended…We can clearly prevent hospitalizations and deaths, and I believe we have the opportunity to prevent long-term complications of infections.” Really? Wait til we discuss the actual “evidence” presented by Pfizer and Moderna to this genius and her cabal of ne’er-do-wells to instill her with such confidence. If it weren’t so serious an indictment of our healthcare authorities it would be funny. Stay tuned.

There’s all sorts of nonsense in this article, but this one is particularly interesting. “Nearly 70% of American children have been infected with COVID-19. This provides some protection, but infection with earlier variants might not protect against current ones, CDC officials said. People infected early in the omicron wave can catch omicron variants.” Well the vaccine contains an “earlier variant”. So how EXACTLY, CDC officials, is that any different than being INFECTED with an earlier variant? And it’s the same immune system reacting to the virus or the vaccine (you actually get more complete protection from infection than from vaccination). So how EXACTLY would the vaccine provide better protection than the natural infection?

Liars and idiots all.

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