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So a bit more on the new Golden Idol that is the Omicron bivalent booster. First, a bit of review for those who didn’t read my previous post on this topic.You can read it here if you’d like

Anyway, the Pfizer booster has been approved by the FDA based on testing done on ONLY 600 PEOPLE using a shot containing the original Wuhan strain (can I say that?) and a BA.1 strain; both of which are extinct. But since at the last minute somebody thought it would be a good idea to maybe use a strain of the virus that is actually circulating (my bold) “The decision to focus on BA.5 did not leave enough time to wait for data from human trials ahead of a fall vaccine rollout.” the FDA approval was actually predicated on the results of experimentation on EIGHT MICE which were given the BA.4/BA.5 booster as their THIRD DOSE.

Couple things. First, Pfizer’s mouse data, for reasons I will leave to your imagination, doesn’t seem to have been made public. I wonder why. We’ll actually get back to this in a bit. Second, while I realize it’s 2022 and some out there might identify as a mice (not a typo, just tryin’ to keep it fun) the fact is, we are not mice, and so that leaves us with NO HUMAN DATA upon which to determine the safety or efficacy of this vaccine. Third, Pfizer’s experiment apparently used this booster as a THIRD DOSE. Craptons of people already have three, many already have four shots in them, and these are the people most likely to get the new booster. How exactly is a THIRD dose in a mouse (see, I know singular from plural) considered the same as a FOURTH or FIFTH dose in a human? Or how is that third dose in a mouse six months after its last shot the same as a fourth or fifth dose in a human after only two months since their last shot (which the government says is OK)? It's called "science". Why didn’t they publicly release this mouse data again?

Now while “The CDC and the FDA hope the new boosters will provide more durable protection against infection, mild illness and severe disease.” hope is not a strategy, and it certainly ain’t “science”. But no worries, for those of you who already believe you “know” something about this booster, you obviously already know “The lack of human data for the BA.5 shots has caused some controversy, but Dr. Peter Marks, a senior FDA official, said the agency followed the same process used for years with strain changes for flu vaccines. Marks said on Wednesday that flu vaccine strains are also changed without human clinical data.” So see you troglodyte ulta-maga-ers, it’s just like the flu shot.

Couple things. First, as I discussed at the very beginning of this pandemic, the flu vaccine is all but useless. Even government statistics show that to be true. Second, this “vaccine” is NOTHING LIKE a flu vaccine. You see, with a flu vaccine, scientists basically guess as to what strains of flu will wander over from China (can I say that?) next year, mix a few strains of those viruses in a syringe, and then in your arm it goes. The idea being exposing your immune system to a weakened or “inactivated” form of the virus, your body will “learn” to mount a strong response to the virus if actually infected. Sound theory, but their guesses are almost never right and almost nobody who “has the flu” actually has an influenza virus that’s in the shot; at least according to the CDC, but whatever.

Second, contrary to what you’ve been told by the CDC and their ilk, this vaccine does not “give our cells instructions for how to make a harmless protein that is unique to the virus”. No, it’s actually FORCING your body to produce a “protein that is unique” to this virus. Well, to my understanding, the word “unique” means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else” (I looked it up and everything) so that would seem to create some kind of conundrum. How is forcing my human body to produce a protein “unique” to a virus a good idea? While, again, 2022 and all that, I’m not sure there are a whole lot of us who identify as a virus and so maybe forcing a human body to produce a protein “unique” to a virus isn’t really such a good idea. But wait, there’s more.

Now we’re forcing the human body to produce not one, but TWO different proteins “unique” to a virus, at the same time. Sweet. So you see, it’s actually a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT process than the flu vaccine and anyone who tries to imply otherwise is either an idiot or a liar. And maybe knowing what will happen to people longer-term from such an experiment might be something we’d want to know. We already have plenty of evidence of harm from the original monovalent vax, what EXACTLY happens when a human body, after already being exposed three or four times to this process in 18 months, produces two different viral proteins from a “novel” coronavirus at the same time? You don’t know? Neither does anybody else. Good luck with that.

Moving on, as to that whole mouse model stuff, we actually have some data from Moderna’s presentation to the government’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on this topic. Moderna is much more responsible than Pfizer; they actually used 10 mice, not just eight. Here’s a pic from their presentation:

What you see here is that after vaxxing with the new Omicron booster and then introducing coronavirus to the mice, ALL TEN MICE got infected. Not only that, they all had a load of virus in their noses; and also had a bunch IN THEIR LUNGS.

Moderna’s claim to success here is (blue box) that the bivalent vax “better protected” the lungs. But Omicron doesn’t have a big affinity for the lungs; it goes to the upper airway, not the lungs. That’s why Omicron is less dangerous and most people just get a chest cold (if anything). So not only does this booster data suggest these booster recipients will be spreaders of the virus (lots of virus in the nose) but they may also get more sick (virus in the lungs). On that data…APPROVED!

So based on this data, and Pfizer’s 8 mice showing better antibody response (nothing at all indicates either vax will actually prevent infection, illness, or death), the US government has ordered some 170,000,000 doses of the vax…and they recommend it to EVERYONE over 12 (Pfizer) or 18 (Moderna)…and you can get it just TWO MONTHS after your last shot…even though the average interval during testing on mice was about SIX MONTHS…even though shorter vaccine intervals are related to increased risk of myocarditis…even though “While the National Institutes of health has dedicated over a billion dollars to study long-Covid (which has yielded nothing), its spent virtually no money to investigate Covid vaccine complications, like heart injury in young people.”…even though Pfizer and Moderna say “clinical trials for the BA.4/BA.5 vaccines will begin next month”...even though Dr. Paul Offit, the biggest pro-vax guy in the country and and member of the FDA's vaccine advisory committee says “I’m uncomfortable that we would move forward—that we would give millions or tens of millions of doses to people—based on mouse data.”

Why would we do this you ask? Well here’s a crackpot thought, “Pfizer…said on Wednesday they signed a $3.2 billion deal with the U.S. government for 105 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine, which could be delivered as soon as later this summer…The average price per dose in the new deal is over $30, a more than 50% increase from the $19.50 per dose the U.S. government paid in its initial contract with Pfizer" And "...if the company charges higher prices after the pandemic, it could continue to reap significant sales from the product in the years to come, particularly if routine boosters are needed as variants arise.” Say, anybody heard anything recently about a “yearly booster” coming your way? No, me neither.

Also, “Pfizer’s revenue could reach $101.3 billion in 2022...That level of revenue would be unheard of in the pharma industry. Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest biopharma company by revenue for years, recorded $82.6 billion revenue in 2020. Pfizer’s own revenue in 2018 clocked in at $53.7 billion.” But don't hold any benefits for Pfizer just yet. You see, "Moving into the future, after the pandemic period, Pfizer is 'going to get more on price,'... there’s a 'significant opportunity for those margins to improve once we get beyond the pandemic environment that we're in.'" Pfizer says their current COVID vax (which so far hasn't worked particularly well) price (now $30) is “not a normal price like we typically get for a vaccine—$150, $175 per dose. So, pandemic pricing.” You might want to mortgage your house and buy Pfizer stock.

Do you get it yet? Eight mice with no actual evidence of protection and no insight into potential danger for a vaccine that almost nobody will benefit from that doesn't really work equals 3.2 billion dollars? So theeere's THAT.

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