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So you may not be aware, but the Biden administration recently returned to court to try to overturn an April 2022 ruling that invalidated Biden’s January 2021 executive order that mandated that everyone wear masks on planes and other mass transit.

I’ll not go into the legal minutia here but an attorney representing the government said (my bold) “Wearing a mask was one of the most modest and most effective means available in early 2021 to combat the spread of COVID-19 and to allow air travel to resume safely.” An attorney for the Health Freedom Defense Fund which was fighting the government’s attempt to overturn the ruling stated "This appeal is not about an urgent matter of public health. If the mask order had been such an urgent matter of public health, you would have expected CDC to have applied for a stay to the district court's ruling,"

Well that seems to make sense. The government argued during the original suit back in April that their actions of implementing a mask mandate (in January 2021) without the legally required time for public comment (30 days) was justified because it was an EMERGENCY! But if things were so dire that the government had to ignore the law to force people to wear face diapers, how come they didn’t challenge the court immediately upon the decision to vacate the illegal order? A “stay” would have stopped the decision to overturn the illegal mandate from being implemented until an appeal could be heard. That’s not what Biden did. So how much of an EMERGENCY! could it have been? Enough to violate my civil rights but not quite enough to request a stay?

Hell, even CNN wrote at the time “The Justice Department’s appellate filings didn’t immediately include a request for a stay seeking to put the court order on hold and reinstate the mask mandate, a standard move in emergency circumstances…That’s an indication that the legal effort is less about the current Covid-19 conditions and more about trying to preserve the CDC’s authority in the future.” And again, that's CNN. So what a surprise, the government acted in bad faith. They lied. There’s something new and different. Anyway, let’s take a look at some pictures, what some might call actual data, shall we?

This is when the mask mandate was first issued. January 21, 2021:

First, you can see the mandate was implemented on the downside of the curve. I showed you some two years ago that pretty much every single mask mandate was implemented AFTER the peak of cases and had NO DISCERNIBLE effect on the case graph. Same thing here. You see NO downward deflection in the curve to indicate ANY effect of this illegal mask mandate. To be clear, if the mask mandate had actually done anything, once it was lifted one would expect to see some noticeable upward movement of the case curve indicating that something that was restricting the spread of the evil virus had been removed and now the virus was spreading more rapidly in the absence of that thing that was previously restricting its growth. But we don’t see any such thing. Look at any case curve from any time with any mask mandate. You will never see any deflection in any curve ever.

Then we look at when the illegal mask mandate was lifted:

Again here we see cases were already on the increase and there is no upward deflection beyond what was already happening to indicate that people flying without a stupid mask caused more cases. If you believe the removal of masks did cause more cases, then why did the curve increase slightly as it had already been doing, plateau, and then come down? People were still flying. If they were spreading disease that curve should have turned upward and continued to go up, but it didn’t. Again, actual empirical evidence that masks do nothing.

More importantly:

There was absolutely NO effect on deaths once the illegal mask mandate was removed. None. If you're one of those "expert-followers" who believes that if the mask mandate would have remained the death line would have been even lower, then how do you explain the huge wave of deaths just before the mandate was removed. The mask mandate was in effect when all those people died, then the masks are removed, then deaths bottom out and stay as low as they had ever been. If I were to use Faucian logic, I could conclude that masks on planes CAUSED deaths. Masks on, lots of deaths; masks off, very few deaths. Discuss amongst yourselves.

By the way, take a look back at the first graph. Notice where cases were when Joe Biden signed his illegal executive order. Now look at the far right of the graph where we are today. Where EXACTLY is the emergency? You see the same thing in the Daily Deaths graph above. Biden’s original executive order was at the peak of the highest death wave we’ve had (1/21/21). Now deaths are pretty much at the lowest level since this nonsense began. Why this renewed attempt to force people on planes to wear masks now? With all due respect to the government attorney who said (with no data to back up his claim) that masks were one of the "most effective means" to stop the spread of COVID, where is the data, NOT MODELING but actual data, to show masks on planes do ANYTHING? And even if there were data to show masks do something (which there is not), again I ask where is the emergency now? I can't believe I'm going to invoke CNN but this " effort is less about the current Covid-19 conditions and more about trying to preserve the CDC’s authority in the future." An authority that they (and the entire healthcare machine) have squandered over the last three years.

Liars and idiots all.

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