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So Karl Lauterbach is the insane Health Minister of Germany. Think of him as the German Anthony Fauci with an extra serving of crazy (yes, apparently that’s possible). He’s an alumnus of the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health, which almost by definition makes him a crackpot, and pretty much everyone in Germany thinks he’s nuts. He’s scared of his own shadow and fancies himself quite the authoritarian when it comes to masks and vaccines. Here’s a pic.

If that one doesn't convince you, how 'bout this one?

Lauterbach is quadruple vaxxed and is a mask-o-phile of the highest order and yet lo and behold, he just announced he’s got the ‘vid. But fear not, he’s also now taking Paxlovid so everything should be just fine.

He announced his situation on Twitter saying in part (my bold):

“Unfortunately, I am ill with Corona despite great caution. Despite 4th vaccination. The symptoms are still mild. To avoid complications, I take Paxlovid.”

So here’s just another example of a guy who has been vaxxed FOUR TIMES and has been as “cautious” as any human could be (just like our own Fauci and of course Joe Biden) and STILL he caught the ‘rona.

What’s it gonna take for some of you to realize resistance is futile. I believe it was in my very first post way back on April 2, 2020 that I said for the first of many times, the idea that we can somehow “manage” this virus is both arrogant and foolhardy. Always was, always will be. The idea that we could somehow "control" a virus that's some 1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair is just stupid. If you can slip a hair between your mask and your face (and you can, in several places), just imagine how many particles 1/1,000 the size of that hair you're breathing in and out all day long. Remember those pics we all saw back in 2020 of nurses with that big red ring around their nose and mouth from having their N95 masks sealed to their faces all day? If that's what you look like at the end of the day then maybe you're affording yourself some protection, maybe. By the way, if you have facial hair and you're wearing a mask, just stop it; you're embarrassing yourself. Hey remember when Joe Biden told us repeatedly that he was gonna "shut down the virus"? Good times.

And as I have been advocating I believe from my very second post later in April of 2020, as you cannot “protect” yourself from catching this virus, your best “protection” is a healthy body. So if you ain’t healthier now than you were two and a half years ago, that’s on you. Although the absolute truth is, with a “survival” rate of more than 99.7% (likely more than 99.9%), unless you’re really old and/or really sick and weak, you have nothing to worry about; never have. Having said that, please remember that nobody is coming to save you. Not Anthony Fauci, not Joe Biden, nobody. It’s your life, start taking responsibility for it.

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