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So one more time we’ll take a look at Sweden. By now I’m sure you’re all aware of how the Swedes did essentially nothing to combat this deadliest-of-all-viruses. No mask mandates, no lockdowns, no kids kept out of school, no closing churches or barber shops; nothing. They did suggest some three-foot social distancing (that nobody paid attention to), so there’s that. If you remember back to the summer of 2020 (if you don’t, look it up), EVERYONE was telling us that EVERYONE in Sweden would definitely be dead within weeks. If not weeks, then months. Definitiely. Now there were a few voices in the wilderness supporting Sweden, which was simply following the World Health Organization’s own guidelines that were published in October of 2019, just a few short months before the world went crazy, but those were clearly voices of grandma-killers and racists. And now here we are two years later, let’s take a look:

All these other countries implemented draconian and UNSCIENTIFIC measures to shut down the virus (folly at best), and yet it looks like Sweden wins. Look below to see a clearer view:

Just wondering how you explain this. If the masks and lockdowns and distancing, and even the vaccines were SO important to save the planet, how EXACTLY did Sweden manage to do better for most of the pandemic than its European neighbors who did all those ridiculous things? They certainly didn't do any worse. By the way, you will notice that through the first two death waves, Sweden seems to have done a bit better compared to its neighbors than in this third wave. What’s interesting is the Swedes had no vaccines in the first two waves (by the end of the second wave in June of 2021 Sweden had only about a 15% fully vaccinated coverage), but in this last wave with about 75% fully vaccinated you will notice that Sweden has done worse (compared to its European neighbors) than in the previous two waves of deaths despite (or perhaps because of) all those vaccines. How does one explain that?

We were told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that we must do all these things to save the world. Yet Sweden did none of them and did pretty much the same as everyone else. Sweden did better in deaths per million than Poland, USA, Greece, Italy, Belgium UK, Spain, France, Austria, and 47 other countries. What EXACTLY is up with that? If you're a true-believer you MUST provide an explanation for this. We deserve one. I'm looking at you tiny Tony...

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