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So this is a question I've asked many times but, alas, still no answers from the really smart people who "knew" they were smarter than those of us who were science-denying grandma-killers. Look at this chart and please explain.

Above you see the 10 least vaccinated countries in the world at the bottom of the graph. Burundi, the least vaccinated country in the world is at 0.3% "fully vaccinated". That's three-tenths of one percent fully vaxxed. The highest of the 10 is at a whopping 13% (Cameroon). No vaccines, no deaths.

But compare those numbers to the above-noted western countries; you know, where all the smart people live and they actually have electricity and toilets that flush; who boast fully vaxxed rates around 75% (US at about 68%), with most of those vaccines being from our friends and scientists at Pfizer and where most of the deaths came AFTER the introduction of the vaccine.

Burundi suffered about 1.2 deaths per million while the US and the UK hover around 3,200 deaths per million. That's a death rate about 2,7000 TIMES HIGHER. With these western nations having every single possible advantage in nutrition, sanitation, healthcare, and anything else you can think of, I'm just wondering how you possibly explain this. I'll wait...

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