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So here’s a quickie about an announcement from our friends at the FDA that I’m sure most of us missed. From MEDPAGE TODAY we read this headline (my bold):

“FDA Allows Extra Doses of Bivalent COVID Vax for Immunocompromised Tots” I’ll not go through the stupidity of this idea by rehashing all the actual data showing the stupidity of this idea but here are a couple of nuggets from the report:

“In kids ages 6 months to 4 years with certain types of immunocompromising conditions…and who previously received three primary 0.2-mL doses of the companies' monovalent or bivalent vaccine, a fourth dose using the bivalent vaccine can now be administered at least 1 month following the most recent dose…Extra doses beyond that ‘may be administered at the discretion of the healthcare provider, taking into consideration the individual's clinical circumstances,’ the agency added.” By the way, if you're wondering which "companies" product we're talking about, well you just having been paying attention now, have you?

Anyway, that means your toddler could now have at least 4 jabs of a never-before-used-in-human-history “vaccine” by the time he’s less than 18 months old. That sounds about right. Hey remember when crazy science-denying grandma-killers like me were warning way back when it wasn’t cool that we would soon all be members of the “Vax-of-the-month club”?

Hey remember when it was “Two shots and you’re done”? And then it was “OK, now just a booster after six months” then three months, then two. Then it was “OK, just one more shot.” And now your baby only has to wait ONE MONTH between “doses”. Well “at least 1 month”. We’re not crazy or anything. C’mon man, NO JOKE! And better still, “Extra doses beyond that” are still on the table. Pretty soon you’ll just be able to sign up for a continuous vaccine pump like a diabetic has an insulin pump. And the pathetic thing is there are people who will wait in line for that like it was the ticket line for a Taylor Swift concert.

It’s a little thing that nobody noticed. But it’s definitely worth noticing for many reasons. Pay the hell attention. It’s your life, start acting like it. And be ready to fight for it, or at least for the lives of your children.

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