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So you may remember a few weeks ago, the Oracle of Science, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced he had the ‘vid. Despite being double vaxxed, double boosted, and double masked the ‘rona caught him (as it will, and already has, just about everybody). So of course the first question is, what’s with that? Four shots, lots of masks, avoiding big events because he was still scared, then boom; COVID. I’m sure he genuflected at the Altar of Pfizer and gave thanks for the four shots which didn’t actually protect him from getting infected with the virus that the shots were supposed to protect him from, because you see, without the four shots things would have been much worse. That’s what you call “science”.

At the time of the announcement we were told Fauci was experiencing “mild symptoms” and was being treated with another gift from the gods, I mean Pfizer, call Paxlovid which was designed by Pfizer to “treat” those who got COVID even though they already took two or three or four shots in less than 18 months that Pfizer designed to “protect” people from getting infected in the first place. Paxlovid, of course, has all sorts of problems not the least of which is this whole “REBOUND COVID” thing. But who cares, as Randolph Duke would say (Trading Places, great movie) “You idiot, get back in there at once and SELL, SELL!”

Hey, remember when the vaccine was “95% effective”? Remember when Tony told us “When people are vaccinated they can feel safe they will not be infected.”? Or “They’re really, really good against variants.”? And that was before boosters were even a thing! Good times. Anyway, I digress…

Well today we are told by the NY Post (my bold for emphasis) “The quadruple-vaccinated Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is experiencing a ‘much worse’ COVID rebound after being treated with Pfizer’s antiviral medication Paxlovid…Fauci said Tuesday that after he recovered from his initial bout with the coronavirus, he tested negative for three days, but then tested positive again on the fourth day…‘And then over the next day or so, I started to feel really poorly, much worse than in the first go around,’ Fauci said. ‘So I went back on Paxlovid and right now I am on my fourth day of a five-day course.’…The scientist added that he is now feeling better but ‘not completely without symptoms.’”

So what’s with this Paxlovid stuff? Here are a couple of tidbits from Pfizer’s “FACT SHEET FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION FOR PAXLOVID”

First we’re told “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the emergency use of the unapproved product PAXLOVID for the treatment of mild-to-moderate coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in adults and pediatric patients (12 years of age and older weighing at least 40 kg) with positive results of direct severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) viral testing, and who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19, including hospitalization or death.” And that “PAXLOVID is not authorized for use for longer than 5 consecutive days.”

Now what’s interesting when you read this fact sheet you see things like “The safety of PAXLOVID is based on data from…randomized, placebo-controlled trial in non-hospitalized adult subjects with a laboratory confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection…A total of 2,224 symptomatic adult subjects 18 years of age and older who are at high risk of developing severe COVID-19 illness received at least one dose of either PAXLOVID…”

Wait a minute, how exactly was this new drug approved for kids 12 and up when they just told us the study upon which this “emergency” authorization was granted was conducted on “subjects 18 years of age and older” apparently at the very least some of whom were given only “one dose” for a drug now prescribed for five doses. By the way, where exactly is the “emergency” that justified the rush approval of this drug when the infection fatality rate of COVID is in the same neighborhood of the common seasonal flu?

And then under “Established and Other Potentially Significant Drug Interactions” there are dozens of drugs listed which I’m quite sure your prescribing doctor is fully aware of, including commonly prescribed drugs like antiarrhythmics, anticancers, anticoagulants, antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, heart medications, and cholesterol meds. Now let’s see, who are the people most likely to be at “high risk” from COVID and would therefore be more likely to be prescribed Paxlovid? Old folks, check. Now let’s see, who are the people most likely to be taking drugs for blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol? Let’s see..that would be – Hey look, Putin!!

We’re also told “There are no available human data on the use of nirmatrelvir during pregnancy to evaluate for a drug-associated risk of major birth defects, miscarriage, or adverse maternal or fetal outcomes” and “Use of ritonavir may reduce the efficacy of combined hormonal contraceptives. Advise patients using combined hormonal contraceptives to use an effective alternative contraceptive method or an additional barrier method of contraception” Anybody hear that warning from their friendly neighborhood doctor?

Also, only “Of the total number of subjects in EPIC-HR randomized to receive PAXLOVID (N=1,120), 13% were 65 years of age and older and 3% were 75 years of age and older.” So this drug is supposed to be primarily for “high risk” patients which even Anthony Fauci knows are older people, yet this drug was authorized for use in “high risk” (that is, older) people with a grand total of about 170 older people receiving “at least one dose”. Sweet.

By the way “The study excluded individuals with a history of prior COVID-19 infection or vaccination” which would include just about every American at this point. So if you’ve been previously infected or vaccinated, nobody has any data on how this will affect you. And with that I give you the “REBOUND COVID” currently being experienced by “The Science”.

Now contrary to popular opinion, I’m not a stupid, selfish, science-denying grandma-killing hate monger and I would never wish harm on anyone like say all those folks who screamed at kids and wished them dead because they were playing outside without masks, or the Karens who accosted people in grocery stores shopping maskless, or the people who cheered when others got fired for not taking the jab, but I gotta say there is something satisfying about watching the “experts” being hoist on their own petards. Idiots.

But fear not, a new study out explains “COVID-19 Rebound after Taking Paxlovid Likely Due to Insufficient Drug Exposure” We’re told “In a study published June 20, 2022 in Clinical Infectious Diseases, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine evaluated one such patient and found their symptom relapse was not caused by the development of resistance to the drug or impaired immunity against the virus. Rather, the COVID-19 rebound appears to have been the result of insufficient exposure to the drug.” You see, the problem is not that the drug doesn’t work, the problem is you’re just not taking enough of it. At least according to the conclusion based on the analysis of one person. SCIENCE!!

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