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So you may have seen this commercial

and, perhaps like me, you were wondering how Pfizer was selling this stuff which had Emergency Use Authorization even though our benevolent overlords declared an end to the COVID pandemic on May 11th. That’s right, if you weren’t aware, Old Uncle Joe told us that the declared Public Health Emergency that “killed” about 9/100ths of one percent of the world’s population over the last three and a half years is no more. Deaths attributed to COVID worldwide account for all of 2/100ths of one percent of the planet over the last year and a half, so why it took so long to call an end to this nonsense is anybody’s guess but now our long national nightmare is finally over! But no pandemic, no emergency right? So how is Paxlovid still on the market?

Anyway, I thought I’d take a look-see and not only can the things that got EUA continue on after the end of the “E” (which is convenient), it turns out there may in fact be other considerations in how our overlords determine what we can and cannot do to “protect” ourselves.

According to a February 2023 (just two weeks after Joe’s proclamation) piece in a drug industry publication called Fierce Pharma (my bold):

“As Pfizer looks to shore up falling Paxlovid sales this year, it has launched its first commercial for the COVID therapy that goes hard on branding.

Pfizer clearly needs a marketing boost, because sales for Paxlovid are expected to plummet this year, and the New York company will want to do all it can to minimize the drop.

Last month, the Big Pharma said it saw Paxlovid revenue falling from the $18.9 billion it made in 2022 to just $8 billion this year, mirroring the type of sales decline analysts also expect for its COVID vaccine Comirnaty.

It also comes as Pfizer continues to wait for a full FDA approval for Paxlovid. The antiviral was given an emergency use authorization (EUA) in December 2021, which allowed Pfizer to sell the drug to those who had moderate to severe COVID and were at risk for it to get worse.

An EUA is not, however, a full approval and comes with some restrictions on how it’s sold, and it’s no surprise that Pfizer is gunning for a full green light to maximize the drug’s sales potential.”

So what’s Pfizer to do? Back in February they knew the pandemic was coming to an end in a few short months (remember, President Chompers told us so) and they still didn’t have full FDA approval to sell their drug which does almost nothing. They need the money after all, no joke. Hey, by the way, how did Joe know the pandemic was ending on May 11th?

Hey by the way again, when Joe announced the future end of the “emergency” we still had about 500 people a day dying from COVID in the US. Over the course of the three years, we lost about 850 people a day, so why do these 500 people a day count any less than those others? Why exactly is the emergency over at 500 deaths a day? What’s the number of Americans who can die every day at which we don’t care enough to continue our emergency measures? I guess it’s 500. I guess your grandma doesn’t count as much as someone else’s…

Although in what can only be considered “science” at its best, since Joe’s proclamation back in January, our COVID death count has plummeted from about 500/day down to about 27/day as of yesterday. That’s some damn good “sciencing” right there. If all it took was Joe speaking it into the universe, why didn’t he do it at his inauguration?

Anyway, in other news that can also only be considered a coincidence, the FDA announced on May 25th, nary two weeks after the end of the pandemic (remember, Joe said so), that Paxlovid now has full approval and can be sold as such. Whew, close call for our friends at Pfizer. I guess even our overlords thought it would be too obvious to approve it the same day the pandemic ended. Waiting two weeks seems to have done the trick.

The next time you think about believing something the government says, you might want to follow the money first. Of course I’m a conspiracy kook, so what do I know?

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