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So it’s time once again to play everybody’s favorite game “IDIOT OR LIAR” where we look at some government official, medical “expert”, or media talking head and try to determine if they’re just a complete moron or are they an inveterate liar. Today’s contestant comes from across the pond. Now let’s meet today’s player, Chief Medical Officer of England, Sir Chris Whitty!! (my bold following)

“Thousands of middle-aged people are dying of heart conditions because they did not get statins or blood pressure medicines during the pandemic, Sir Chris Whitty has warned ministers.”

“The chief medical officer is becoming increasingly worried about higher numbers of deaths than normal this year from preventable conditions, fearing that Britain is starting to see the after-effects of people staying away from GP surgeries.”

“People’s reluctance to bother the NHS with apparently routine conditions after pleas to stay at home except for emergencies during 2020 and last year is thought to be contributing to a surge in excess deaths since the spring. At present about 800 more people a week are dying than normal, only half of which is because of Covid.”

See, all these excess deaths we’re seeing are due in large part to people not getting their meds or other medical attention. Now if that were in fact true, who EXACTLY would be to blame for that? The government scared people into staying home so as not “to bother the NHS” and now thousands are dying of “preventable” causes.

So let me ask you this. Exactly who gets to determine that your dad or grandma is worth sacrificing on the altar of hysteria in order to protect somebody else’s grandma? Your dad drops dead of a heart attack today because he was scared, or forced is more like it, to hide in his home; and it was all but impossible to see a doctor or go to the hospital for a “preventable condition”, so his heart disease went untreated, but that’s OK because his death was in the service of saving somebody else’s dad from dying from COVID. See how that works? Your dad is a hero. A dead hero, but at least his little grandson Billy has that to hold onto.

There is no doubt that many thousands, perhaps a great many more, will die in the coming years from medical neglect over these past three years, and that is a reckoning still to come. But as to the good Sir Whitty’s assertion that these heart disease deaths are due to lack of medication, let’s take a look. Fortunately for us in this case, as the UK is a social medicine country, the government knows everything about your healthcare, including who’s taking what meds.

It doesn’t LOOK like there’s been a decrease in heart medications during the pandemic. In fact statin drug (lipid-regulating) use seems to have actually increased slightly. The assertion that the reason for the increase in heart deaths is because people didn't get their meds doesn’t SEEM to be true. Go figure.

So this guy Whitty, who is the equivalent of our Rochelle Walensky (sorry Whitty), when saying the problem is a reduction in medication use, is either an idiot in that he doesn’t understand the records and graphs his own office is producing, or he’s a liar in that he knows the numbers and just tries to pawn of these heart-related deaths on something he knows not to be true.

Does he not think someone will look up these stats and question him? Actually not many have (hat tip John Campbell). The mainstream media dare not look behind the curtain. Or perhaps he just doesn’t care. He’s an overlord and he’ll say whatever he damn well pleases and you’ll just eat it, plebe. I'll bet you folding money this guy has an autographed commemorative Anthony Fauci bobblehead doll on his desk.

By the way, “And ambulances in England took an average of 51 minutes and 22 seconds to respond to heart attack calls in March. This is compared to a 40 minute response time set out in NHS guidelines.” so this may have cost some lives. But how would you feel if your dad was having a heart attack, you called 911, and they told you “Yeah we’ll be there in about 40 minutes.”? SOCIAL MEDICINE!

By the way again, when questioned in Parliament about this issue of excess deaths, the official Government response was “We are seeing an increase in excess deaths in this country, but we’re also seeing that in Wales, in Scotland, in Northern Ireland, and across Europe.” See, we’re seeing excess deaths everywhere, so it’s no big deal. In fact some might call it “normal”. It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with that other thing we forced everybody to do that causes damage to the heart. DEFINITELY. Now put away your tinfoil hat.

So what’s your vote? Idiot or liar?

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