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So here are some interesting tidbits about Australia from our friend Metatron on substack::

New South Wales, Australia has an 84% “fully vaxxed” population. Australia as a whole is 96% “fully vaxxed” with a 72% boosted population.


For the last two weeks of December 2022, out of 1,779 people hospitalized, NOBODY who had no vaccines at all was admitted to the hospital. Also, out of 140 people admitted to the ICU, NOBODY who had no vaccines at all was admitted. And out of the 95 people who died, only six had no vaccines at all. And we don’t know who these six were. They could be 90 year olds who were too frail to get vaxxed, but we do know that only 4 of the 95 deaths were in people under age 60.

So about 84% of people are fully vaxxed, but about 94% of the dead are fully vaxxed. And according to the Australian government (my bold), “Of the 95 people who were reported to have died with COVID-19, 72 (76%) were known to have received three or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine” How exactly do you explain this? Where exactly is the “protection”? And how exactly is it that there are zero non-vaxxed people hospitalized or in the ICU, yet there are six of them who died? Who are these people?

So in New South Wales you have a vaccination rate of more than 95% for pretty much everybody over the age of 50 (55-59 is listed at 92.78%), with 94% of the deaths in the fully vaxxed and 96% of those deaths over the age of 60 (again, with a greater than 95% vax rate). If the percentage of dead people is the same (or more) as that of the vaxxed, the vaccine shows ZERO efficacy. And once again, that nonsense that although the vax cannot stop infection or transmission (the whole point of a vaccine), it will keep you from serious illness or death is shown to be, well, nonsense. Can someone get Tony on the phone please?

Fortunately for you true-believers, you’ll not be pestered by these pesky questions anymore. You see, again according to the Australian government “The following changes will be implemented for the weekly report in 2023: Vaccination status of cases admitted to hospital, admitted to ICU and those who die will no longer be reported.” I wonder why...

Fair dinkum!!

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