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So as we enter year three of the pandemic, here in America we are closing in on one million deaths attributed to COVID. That’s a pretty sobering number. Now of course that number isn’t true; as I have shown you several times before, the CDC counts more than 40,000 deaths alone from violence or hospice as COVID deaths, and if you believe those are the only deaths improperly attributed to COVID I have a bridge to sell you. But let’s accept nearly one million as true for the purposes of this post. If you accept that number, that means that after two full years of the virus that was certainly going to end the human race, your chances as an American of NOT DYING from COVID stands at, at the absolute worst, about 99.7%. Just think about that for a moment. 99.7%; at the absolute worst. So let’s say I put $100 dollars worth of dimes in a bowl (1,000 dimes) and told you there were only three dimes from the year 1983 in there (0.3% of all the dimes). I then offered you a bet; if you can reach in and pull out just those three 1983 dimes, you can take the whole $100 with you, but if you don’t pull out those three dimes, you owe me $100. NOBODY is EVER taking that bet as the odds are so astronomically against you (nobody except for your Uncle Bob the degenerate gambler). That’s the scenario upon which we’ve destroyed our society in every way possible. For a three-tenths of one percent chance (at worst) of dying from COVID. If there were 330,000,000 people in this country in January of 2020, there would still be today (not counting new births and immigrants) 329,000,000 people after TWO FULL YEARS of this insanity. Actually there would be about 323,500,000 people left as we would have lost about 5.5 million people to regular every-day deaths during that period. Once again for the sensitive reader out there, I am in no way minimizing those deaths; every death is a tragedy to somebody, but anyone with a rational mind would look at the numbers and realize we went completely, tragically, insane over nothing. And if you believe that if not for our heroic, “necessary” mitigation attempts (masks, lockdowns, business and school closures, vaccines) that number of deaths would have been much higher, well, I still got that bridge.

Anyway, to my point here, there are also just about six million deaths attributed to COVID worldwide. So some simple math (even I can do that) will show you that the U.S. accounts for about 17% of ALL deaths attributed to COVID yet we account for only a little more than 4% of the world’s population. I’m just wondering how you explain that. In what is supposedly the wealthiest, most sophisticated, most medically advanced country on the planet, how is it POSSIBLE that we account for such a disproportionate amount of death? In case you’re not aware, we account for 4% of the world’s population but consume more than 50% of the world’s drugs; some estimates as high as 65% or even 75%. We account for about 80% of the world’s opioid use and as much as 99% of the world’s use of just oxycodone. So we’re #1! If you haven’t yet watched Dopesick on Hulu I highly recommend it. For those not in the know, it's a look at the criminally incestuous and corrupt relationship between big Pharma and the U.S. government and it's quite an eye opener.

But still it seems unlikely that we could account for one out of every six COVID deaths on earth, doesn’t it. Seems to me you have three choices:

  1. The world has grossly undercounted COVID deaths. You’ll here this one a lot, and it may be, in fact probably is, true. We’ll probably never have an accurate accounting of COVID deaths but even if you doubled the number to 12 million deaths, that would still leave us with about 8% of all those deaths – about twice as many as our “fair share”. Of course this begs the question as to where the rest of the world is hiding six million dead bodies; that is, it seems unlikely that we have miscategorized that many deaths. And even at 12 million, your worldwide chance of NOT DYING from COVID would be about 99.85%, so there’s that.

  2. The U.S. has grossly overcounted COVID deaths. As already addressed, this is clearly true, but to what extent we may never know.

  3. The U.S. actually is responsible for about 17% of all COVID deaths. And that would emphasize the point that we are a nation overflowing with fat, sick, weak, drug-dependent people. If that is the case, we should realize we have a WAY bigger problem than COVID.

Not sure which is right; perhaps a little of each. But as we come out of this thing, if you take nothing else away from this experience, please recognize the importance of taking better care of yourself. We have all seen the numbers; the people who died from COVID were significantly compromised to begin with. Almost every single one of them. If you are depending on the medical system to save you, you will most likely be failed. It’s your life, start taking ownership of it.

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