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So here’s a little reminder of some of the b*llsh#t we were fed by our overlords in just the last few months concerning the virus which must not be named. I have pointed out these “mispredictions” before – there are plenty of them over the last two plus years – and I feel the need to revisit this topic from time to time as people have a tendency to forget even the very recent past all too easily and then end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Today, two quickies.

First, remember when the President of the United States got on television and warned us all in his most somber and sincere tone that we were in for a “winter of death”? That applied of course only to the poor souls who were too stupid to get vaccinated; you know, the people who were an existential threat to your fully vaccinated ass. Remember the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”? Remember how if you were fully vaccinated you could throw your mask away until you couldn’t? Remember how if you were fully vaccinated you would not get infected, until you did and it was the fault of your neighbor who wouldn’t do his patriotic duty to get vaccinated and wear his mask to protect you who was already fully vaccinated and double-masked? Sweet. Hey remember in December of 2020 when Joe Biden warned us of 250,000 more dead Americans that month? I could go on all day, but I digress…

Anyway, Biden did his best Nostradamus impersonation (which of course wasn’t very good) on December 16, 2021. He said (my bold for emphasis) “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated — for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm,” Remember that? Let’s see what actually happened.

Below we see both “cases” and “hospitalizations” in the US. I put cases in quotes because we all know by now (don’t we?) that a positive test is not a “case”, and hospitalizations is in quotes because we know that somewhere around half of those counted as COVID hospitalizations are there for some other reason and happen to test positive once in the hospital. These things are important; certain people in our society use numbers to, shall we say, disseminate “misinformation” to try to scare us into doing things otherwise rational people wouldn’t do. Like, some might look at these graphs and say “See, our benevolent leader was right!! Just look at those spikes!!!” And they would dutifully line up for shot six or seven, put their mask on, and burrow back under their bed..

But slow your roll just a second cousin blue-hair. First, no hospitals were “overwhelmed” during this wave (or any other) despite what often seemed like almost hopeful repeated predictions from our overlords and talking heads. Second, let’s talk about these spikes.

On the day President “Not my fault” made his dire winter prediction in which “The US president urged Americans to get their booster shots, saying it was ‘past time’ to get one and prevent schools and businesses from shutting down.” the vaccination rate in the US stood at about 63% fully vaxxed and 20% boosted (see graph below). By the time the winter wave peaked (January 13, 2022) the vax coverage stood at about 64% and 26% respectively (see second graph below). That is essentially no change in vaccine status and since we all know (we have been told for more than a year) that you are not considered “fully vaccinated” until two weeks after your second shot, that tiny increase in vaccination coverage could not possible have any measurable effect on this case curve. And if you believe the tiny increase in vax coverage (about 1% and 6% respectively) over the course of a month caused the case curve to peak and then plummet in an essentially mirror image to its ascent, well I still have a bridge or two in inventory – call me. Also please notice the hospitalization curve above followed along with the case curve quite neatly so here again, the promise that the vax would keep you out of the hospital doesn’t really work. Remember, our overlords have admitted the vax cannot protect you from being infected and if it protected you from ending up in the hospital you would expect the hospitalization curve to be lower. Of course it would be nice to see the actual data on hospitalization by vax status but Fauci and Walensky (whatever happened to her?) don't seem to want to share. I have written several times on the data from the UK showing 70% - 90% of those in hospital or dead were fully vaxxed but here we get no such data. I wonder why.

Cases went up, cases came down. And as the tiny increase in vaccination coverage could not possibly account for the peak and plummeting of the case curve, it is clear that if not one person had rolled up their sleeve after Joe Biden’s warning, these graphs would have essentially been identical. If you're a true believer, I'm very much interested in how you explain this. The virus is gonna do whatever it damn well pleases, as it always has.

And here’s one more for good luck. Remember about five weeks ago (April 18, 2022) when some stupid, evil Trump-appointed judge deemed the CDC’s airplane mask mandate illegal; this being less than a week after the CDC had extended that mask mandate because it was so crucial, and Fauci and his talking head brigade went apoplectic? Take a look at the case curve since that day. Please notice it was already on a slight uptick and there is absolutely no upward deflection of the case curve that would indicate people flying the friendly skies sans masks caused any increase in cases at all. What’s up with that? We were told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS for more than a year that if you tried to fly without a mask, you were the devil incarnate. You would in fact be physically dragged off the plain like the animal you are. And that includes your two year old autistic kid too! And remember, this is during the reign of Omicron which we have been told is MUCH MORE CONTAGIOUS than the previous strains. Hey notice how each new strain (Omicron, BA.1, BA.2, BA.2.1, etc) is MORE CONTAGIOUS than the previous one? How is that possible? At some point the virus can’t be MORE CONTAGIOUS right? At some point you reach maximum contagiosity, right? Yeah I made up that word. You don't like it? Go write your own blog! And if they are so bleeping contagious, wouldn’t it seem we would ALL have been infected by now?

So once again, when we look at what our overlords and experts told us compared to what actually happened, it seems we’re left with two options. Either they are incompetent, hysterical, idiots or they are liars. Your choice. Either way I wouldn’t listen to a word they say. Remember this come September, or tomorrow, or whenever the next new thing is coming to gitcha. Hey look, Monkeypox!!

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