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So as the holiday season once again approaches, this is just a reminder of some of what our overlords and their accomplices in big tech, big pharma, the mainstream media, and the medical “experts” have done to us over the past almost three years now. In case you’ve forgotten all the PANIC PORN we were fed surrounding the holiday season in 2020 (and 2021), we were told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that if we so much as wished somebody a happy Thanksgiving from across the street we would be responsible for the end of humanity itself. Remember, no gathering, no touching other people, wear a mask, throw out that spoon after someone used it to get some mashed potatoes, and whatever you do, DO NOT sing or raise your voice!!! Hey, were you one of those troglodytes who wasn’t obeying the rules so you were told you’d have to eat your Thanksgiving turkey out on the porch because you wouldn’t wear a mask or, in 2021, because you were so incredibly stupid and reckless and selfish as to not be vaccinated? Good times. AMNESTY!!

Of course the projected “surge” in COVID never happened and you can check out one of the pieces I wrote about this phantom “surge” at the time here:

The long and short of it is it NEVER HAPPENED and I show you with actual math and what some might even call SCIENCE AND DATA, that all the experts were once again proven to be completely incompetent hysterical morons or inveterate liars; or something worse…

Here’s a graph of cases for the 2020/2021 holiday season:

The yellow line is Thanksgiving, then there is a dip in case reports due to the holiday as testing/reporting slowed (this is what would be referred to as an “artifact”), then a resumption of case reports (which would in fact be artificially increased from drawing forward the cases not reported due to the holiday the previous week), then Christmas in green (see what I did there?), then the same artifact through New Years Eve, then again a resumption in cases to their peak (blue). Notice the slope of the curve between the dips and then to the peak is the same as the slope for the two months before Thanksgiving. While cases did continue to increase (as would be normally expected), there was NO "surge" in cases. The rate of increase actually SLOWED during this time. In the post linked above I actually go through the math if you're interested.

In the aforementioned piece I wrote (on December 22, 2020) “I have been predicting this peak and subsequent decline in cases would happen sometime in January as this would be a completely normal behavior pattern for such a virus at this time of year, but maybe the ‘rona outsmarted me and decided to bow out sooner. I guess we’ll see what the next few months hold.” You will notice the virus peaks right around January 13th (blue) and then plummets precipitously. Gee, it’s almost like I know what I’m talking about. Or maybe it’s just that I can actually read and execute the four basic math functions pretty well. Although to be fair, the analysis I make in the 2020 post does involve looking at the slope of the case graph, and while most of us have no use for or recollection of basic high school algebra, one would expect Anthony Fauci to have some grasp of it, but I guess not. And if you believe the "surge" didn't materialize because people were obeying the great and powerful Fauci and were staying home, I report in the 2020 post that in fact millions of people were streaming through the airports on the move to be with family despite Fauci's dire predictions, so that ain't it.

Anyway, here’s the graph of cases for the 2021/2022 holiday season:

Notice the same pattern (although this is with about 60% of the population "fully vaccinated"). Thanksgiving (yellow), a small post-holiday artifact dip, Christmas (green), a smaller post-holiday dip, and then a peak of cases on almost the same exact day as the year before (blue). Almost like the virus was seasonal and anyone who knows anything about basic virology (not me of course, I’m talking about smart people) could have predicted this. The “cases” are much higher here because this was the crazy Omicron sweep which you weren’t stopping with three masks and 10 vaccines. Hey, remember when we were told if you got vaccinated you wouldn't get infected? We went from a winter peak of about 250,000 cases in 2020 with no vaccines to a peak of about 800,000 cases with more than 60% of the population "fully vaxxed". Good ti...ah the hell with it.

So this has been a public service announcement to remind everybody of the stupid, corrupt, dishonest, incompetent lunacy we have endured lo these last three years. DO NOT FORGET THIS because the “experts” will surely be back again to tell us what we should “know”. about the next boogeyman. If you read the post linked above you will see that EVERY “expert” prognostication was wrong (as were all the headlines after Thanksgiving claiming there was a surge) and EVERYTHING I said was correct. And I’m just a nobody who spends his holiday season watching Hallmark Christmas movies. But then again, I’m not driven by power or money, so there’s that.

By the way, one last interesting point. Notice in the graph below the pattern of cases over the last three years. Yellow is the first spring (roughly April through June) when cases in a completely immune-naïve population naturally (seasonally) decreased, then in 2021 (green) we see the same exact pattern, but then in 2022 (blue) cases actually go UP during this time period. Well what the hell is that? What happened to “seasonality”? This has nothing to do with a new strain or any such nonsense; as you can see, Omicron infections collapsed from mid-January through the end of March, so how do you explain this? This is almost certainly due to us effing with this virus thru mass vaccination during an active pandemic which is driving the virus to evolve in ways it otherwise wouldn’t (altering it from its normal seasonal pattern) and at the same time damaging our own immune systems thereby making us less able to fight off infections . GOOD JOB US!

If an honest accounting of the last three years (or what's still to come) is ever written, a lot of people are going to have a lot to answer for, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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