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Just a quick picture looking for explanation from all those who think my warning yesterday (RECIPE FOR DISASTER) about COVID vaccines causing more infections and more serious illness is conspiracy stuff.

Here you see the hospitalization rates for 12 countries. These are “per million” so size of the country doesn’t matter. We are comparing apples to apples here.

The “fully vaxxed” rates of these countries are as follows:

France: 79% United Kingdom: 75% Australia: 84% Portugal: 86%

Italy: 81% Spain: 86% Belgium: 79% Israel: 67%

Canada: 83% United States: 68% Netherlands: 69%

In case you noticed I left out South Africa as their vaccination rate sits at about a lowly 32% and I didn’t think they deserved to be mentioned in the same breath with these other much more sophisticated countries with their much more intelligent citizens. But looky here:

South Africa has consistently had a MUCH LOWER hospitalization rate than these other “more sophisticated” countries with a consistently MUCH LOWER vaccination rate (about half or less as much). And you will notice now as all these other countries are showing an upswing in their hospitalization rates due to Omicron (Israel and Portugal seem to have peaked and are on the way down), South Africa saw a tiny bump up and is lower than all of them. Now this whole COVID thing is a very complex system for sure, but if you’re going to call me a crackpot for suggesting vaccines could be causing more infections and more serious illness, you’ll need to explain how countries with more than twice the vaccination rate of South Africa could be experiencing such spikes in hospitalization while South Africa’s hospitalizations go lower and lower.

By the way, South Africa is experiencing their winter now, which should make things worse for them and yet, not so much. Australia (with a vax rate of 84% as opposed to South Africa’s 32%) is the only other country here in winter and they’re headed in the opposite direction of South Africa, so there’s that.

By the way again, as this virus WAS seasonal, all these other countries that are now in summer should be seeing a lull in COVID activity but we’re seeing just the opposite. Could it be that employing a NON-STERILIZING “vaccination” on HUGE portions of a population DURING an active pandemic could screw up the natural order and make the virus more problematic? How is it POSSIBLE if vaccines are all we’re told they are, that this could be happening? Oh, because the virus “mutated”? Why exactly did it mutate? A virus won’t mutate just for sh*ts and giggles. It’s experimenting with ways to survive and spread. Could it be because of an onslaught of non-neutralizing antibodies produced by the vaccinated body that apply pressure to the virus to “become more infectious”? The virus (BA.4 and BA.5) has not really “become more infectious” it has just “learned” immune evasion. That’s why people (vaccinees) can and do keep getting re-infected. Your vaccinated body keeps pumping out antibodies that are all but impotent in the face of Omicron. And the same pressure that “taught” the virus how to evade your immune response is the same pressure that may very well make this thing more dangerous (see quotes in yesterday’s post). So just maybe what you think you “know” about vaccines isn’t right. Are you willing to bet your life on it?

You better start getting healthier NOW. Fauci’s not coming to save you. By the way, Fauci spoke of this very possibility (what’s commonly referred to as ADE or Antibody Dependent Enhancement) way back in early 2020 and contrary to what the “fact-checkers” say, it looks like that’s exactly where we are today. Well done.

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