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So it turns out (my bold) “Pfizer plans to sell its covid vaccine at a 10,000% markup in 2023” (Hey – It’s COVID!)

The cost of the vaccine that doesn’t work (see earlier post about Rochelle Walensky catching the ‘vid) started out at about $20 per dose for the first 100 million shots, then it went up to $30 per dose (a 50% increase) for the next 400 million doses, now it’s set to go up to about $120 per dose once the vax goes to private insurance instead of the government paying for it.

It costs about $1.18 per dose to make. This new price point represents a 10,000% markup. Pfizer does not dispute this estimate but says “…the price takes into account the ‘value’ of the vaccine as well as the cost it takes to make it.” If it truly represented the “value”, Pfizer would be paying us to take it. I thought the "value" was in saving the world (unless you're a poor brown person in some poor brown country, then no vaccine for you). And that “cost it takes to make it” includes going from multi-dose vials to single-use vials so that probably raises the cost from $1.18 to $1.25, so there’s that.

And so Pfizer gets millions from the government to create the vaccine (Pfizer’s partner in this venture, BioNTech, got about $450 million from the German government and our government contracted for two billion dollars worth when the vaccine was ready), they then make somewhere above TEN BILLION DOLLARS in profit over about two years selling their vaccine, and now plan to sell it at a 10,000% markup forever (or until it gets removed from the market). What happened to “We’re all in this together.”? What happened to your “patriotic duty”?

Do you get it yet?

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