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So that’s a pretty inflammatory headline right there folks. And the truth is I don’t mean to single out Duke, they are not alone by any means; there are disturbingly plenty of places of “higher learning” out there that have been infected by the coronavirus. I’m not talking about actual cases here, I’m talking about the insanity and complete abandonment of all things logical that has gripped our university system country-wide. This story was brought to my attention by Dr. Vinay Prasad whom I have mentioned before and strongly recommend you check out on Substack. Anyway, on with the show…

In a document entitled “COVID Safety Protocols for the Fall Semester” the Duke administration tells us among other things (my bold):

“Now, we essentially have a fully vaccinated campus community, which means the risk for severe illness is considerably lower than it would be in the general population. We have also had compliance with masking requirements and no documented cases of transmission within our classrooms…Among our campus community, there have been few cases of hospitalizations in the last year, and no student hospitalizations to our knowledge in 2022 year-to-date.”

So fully vaxxed, check. Is that the reason the risk of “severe illness” is considerably lower? Let’s see that data please. The word “compliance” (that is, wear your mask or get kicked out of school) should scare the hell out of you. And no cases of transmission, no hospitalizations because of masks? Again, no such “scientific” data exists. In fact, every legitimate study done (around the world) shows NO DIFFERENCE in schools masked vs. not.

“Students are required to complete a World Health Organization-approved COVID vaccine series prior to participation in on-campus activities. Duke also recommends students receive a booster dose when eligible per CDC guidelines.”

As we know the vaccines can neither prevent infection (see Biden or Fauci) nor prevent spread of the virus, so why EXACTLY is Duke requiring kids who are at ZERO risk to begin with to get the vax? It is CLEARLY not for their benefit, otherwise Duke would be requiring blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs as these would surely prove “protective” to the same extent as the vax (which is to say, none). And I guess all that drinking on campus is some kind of “health” promoter. How about STD’s? Does Duke “require” the use of condoms? And why only “recommend” the booster? No less than CDC director Rochelle Walensky told us you were “not up to date” on your vax schedule if you weren’t boosted. No less than Anthony Fauci has told us on multiple occasions how we need the booster to maintain “protection”. So what EXACTLY is the science that requires the vax but only “recommends” the booster?

As an aside, to see some more dishonesty among the “science” there was a study recently published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) looking at reinfection rates in the age of Omicron. The authors say “Surprisingly, 2 or more doses of

vaccine were associated with a slightly higher probability of reinfection compared with 1 dose or less.” First of all, what’s up with that? How is it POSSIBLE that being “fully vaxxed” and perhaps boosted could lead to MORE reinfections? What EXACTLY is the vax doing to our immune systems? And the “slightly higher” probability was actually 42% higher. That’s almost half as much more. Is that what you consider “slightly higher”? And interestingly these authors are comparing “2 or more doses” with “one dose or less”. Why no cohort exclusively of the unvaxxed? I wonder why. Is it possible those people would show far lower rates of reinfection? Nah, that’s crazy talk…

“Duke University’s approach to masking in classrooms will be tied to the CDC community level category. Currently, Durham County remains at the “high” level of community risk, so masking will continue to be required in classrooms…Masks will continue to be required on Duke buses and vans and in all clinical settings, regardless of the CDC community level.”

There is no evidence anywhere ever that wearing a stupid mask reduces spread of this (or any other) respiratory virus in the community. Period. If you’re still wearing a mask you are the problem. And why are masks required on buses or vans “regardless of the CDC community level”? Why follow the CDC guidelines in the class but not on a bus? Because the bus is smaller and somehow “more dangerous”? What data supports that position? Either masks work or they don’t. EXACTLY what science supports this difference in mask usage?

Individuals who are unvaccinated are still required to wear a mask in all indoor settings.”

Again, unvaxxed people are NO MORE LIKELY to spread the ‘vid than fully vaxxed and boosted people, so why EXACTLY require masking indoors for the unvaxxed irrespective of level of “community risk” and not the vaxxed?

“Anyone experiencing respiratory symptoms, even after a negative COVID test, should remember there are many respiratory viruses circulating in our community. Please be considerate to others and wear a mask whenever you have any cold-like symptoms.”

So now we’re wearing masks whenever we don’t feel well? Really? Is that what we’ve become? The “many respiratory viruses circulating” have been around forever, now we’re gonna be afraid to catch a cold (oh wait, that’s what we’ve been doing for two and a half years now)?

“Masking is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others, especially in indoor settings”

As stated before, this is a complete lie. Well I guess that, short of hermetically sealing yourself in a mayonnaise jar, there is actually NO WAY to “protect” yourself and others from being infected with this “novel” virus, so I suppose masks can actually be considered “one of the most effective ways”. In light of the reality that NOTHING can effectively protect you from getting infected, painting yourself blue and shaking chicken bones would also qualify as “one of the most effective ways” to protect yourself.

So here’s the question to the hysterical virtue-signaling infants running Duke or any other college; when does this stop? The virus is pandemic, it’s not going anywhere, it’ll be with us forever and most people will experience repeated infections over their lifetimes. So by what criteria EXACTLY will college kids be “allowed” to go back to some “sense of normality” (shout out Tiny Tony)? By the logic of this edict from Duke, there will NEVER be a time when vaccines and masks will not be required to “protect” a group of kids who are at ZERO risk (that is a mathematical fact) from COVID. And if we’re supposed to be doing this to our kids to “protect” professors and staff, and those people are getting jabbed every three months and wearing as many masks as they can, then how effective can those measures possibly be? This is stupid, hysterical, non-scientific nonsense being produced by a supposedly Top 10 school in America. WE. ARE. DOOMED.

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