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So for those out there who are still true-believers; those that “trust the experts” and “follow the science” I thought you might be interested in mulling over these details while deciding what the next big hashtag is going to be.

Here’s a headline from the Daily Mail (my bold):

“A slap in the Pface: Pfizer chief boasts to investors that Covid will continue to be a 'multi-billion dollar franchise for many years to come' — as firm prepares to stick 10,000% markup on its vaccine”

Some quotes from Pfizer’s earning call with investors:

“The company announced last month it will triple the price of its shot to up to $130 per dose next year - a far cry from the roughly $19 to $30 per dose that the government paid.”

“The company projects $102 billion in total revenue this year with the vaccine and its antiviral Paxlovid - more than double the company's yearly revenue in 2019 ($40.9 billion) and 2020 ($41.7 billion).”

“Pfizer CFO David Denton told investors: ‘I think if you look out longer term, the [COVID] franchise is going to be a multibillion-dollar franchise…”

“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told investors last Tuesday: ‘With regard to our COVID-19 products, while their sales may fall from our expected 2022 levels of approximately combined $55 billion, we believe our COVID-19 franchises will remain multibillion-dollar revenue generators for the foreseeable future’”

Here’s an interesting question. Look at this chart from a Veterans Administration study comparing the Pfizer vaccine with Moderna’s:

Notice that in EVERY CASE the Moderna vaccine generates a greater antibody response than the Pfizer. So why EXACTLY has the government been pushing the Pfizer vax above all others? That's curious,no?

Here are some other interesting quotes from the earnings call:

“The company also expects its vaccines in development for respiratory syncytial virus [RSV] to be a big earner once it earns regulatory approval.”

Bourla said about Pfizer’s RSV vaccines “‘Combined, the 2 indications represent a potential multibillion-dollar peak revenue opportunity if approved, especially with our highly respected primary care sales force executing these launches,’ he added.”

In case you haven’t been paying attention, in what can only be seen as a coincidence, here are some recent headlines concerning RSV:

“RSV Cases on the Rise: What to Know”

“What is RSV and why is it surging across the U.S.?”

“Why Is RSV Suddenly in the News?”

“What the Rise of RSV Cases Means For Kids & Adults”

Gee, I wonder what the odds are on Pfizer’s RSV vaccines gaining “regulatory approval”?

In a separate article, Kaiser Health News reports: "Pfizer has a deep stream of cash to finance its future," KHN wrote. "COVID has been very good for business."

Do you get it yet?

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