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So in case you missed this headline from yesterday:

25-year-old goalkeeper drops dead on pitch after saving penalty for his team”

It seems a 25 year-old goalkeeper named Arne Espeel blocked a penalty shot, jumped up to celebrate, then dropped dead on the field. Emergency services tried to save the young athlete with a defibrillator but to no avail. His heart just 25.

This is another in a disturbingly long line of stories just like this; young supremely fit athletes dropping dead (or perhaps surviving a heart attack) while engaged in their sport. Something is clearly going on but nobody seems to want to talk about it you disgusting conspiracy nut so shut up. How dare you ask if that young fit athlete was vaccinated with a substance we know causes heart damage before he dropped dead of a heart attack. Have you no shame? Never mind just 6 months ago I was demanding you show me your vaccine papers to get into a restaurant…or have a job; this is different! Besides, commotio cordis!!!

If you’re not familiar with that term, it refers to a freakishly rare instance occurring almost exclusively in young (high school age) boys who get hit with a blunt object (baseball or hockey puck) in exactly the right spot in the chest at precisely the right moment in the cycle of the heartbeat to interrupt said heartbeat and essentially cause a heart attack.

This term came to public attention a few weeks ago when a 24 year-old NFL player named Damar Hamlin (who is older than a high school boy) dropped dead in a similar fashion during an NFL game when he tackled a receiver and that receiver’s padded shoulder impacted Hamlin’s chest. The shoulder is somewhat bigger than a baseball and could not possibly impart the same impact force in exactly the right place that a baseball could, but COMMOTIO CORDIS!! All the really smart people told you that’s what it was so you know it’s true. And it's really cool how all the "experts" were immediately telling you it WAS NOT related to the vaccine with absolutely no insight by which to make such a claim. That's called "science". And look at the hit. Hamlin's whole body rotated as he absorbed the hit from the padded shoulder; his feet were actually off the ground. Not quite the same as a 15 year-old third-basemen getting drilled by a 100 mile-per-hour baseball slamming into his stationary chest, but whatever.

Now I didn’t see this 25 year-old goalie get hit in the chest with a shoulder, or a baseball, or a hockey puck; or aliens, or Putin for that matter, but again, COMMOTIO CORDIS you troglodyte!!! This is kinda like that young, non-smoking, seven-miles-a-day running MSNBC host telling us she spent a month in the hospital in December due to pericarditis and myocarditis and she and her “cardiologist” told us those things were caused by a common cold (it in fact can be), or as her doctor postulated, perhaps there’s more virus around or perhaps our immune systems have, after 2 million years, suddenly changed literally overnight. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Maybe it was global warming or gas stoves. But never even a mention of the possibility that her problems were caused by the vaccine that we know causes the problems she had. See how that works? Intellectual dishonesty is fun!

To be clear, nobody that I've seen is claiming this goalie died from commotio cordis. But the reason for his dropping dead, like all the others, will never be revealed to us. I wonder why.

Hey did you see that Superbowl interview with the aforementioned Damar Hamlin? When asked “You’re 24, peak physical condition…how did doctors describe what happened to you?” Hamlin’s answer: “(long pause) um, (long pause again) um, that’s something I’m gonna stay away from.”

That’s the worst possible answer anyone could ever give to that question. He could have said “I have no idea” No reason has been given a month after his heart attack - not even commotio cordis. Again, I wonder why? It could have been “That’s none of your damn business.” It could have been “We’re still trying to figure that out.” but instead he said it was something he was going to “stay away from”. What the hell exactly does that mean?

The world may never know. But we do know that his case, as well as all the others of young premiere athletes dropping dead, was definitely not due to the vaccine that we know causes heart damage. DEFINITELY.

Have I mentioned I’ve got some bridges for sale?

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