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So as I’m sure you’re aware by now, there’s a big brouhaha going on about this revelation that the CDC, run by our old friend and resident imbecile Rochelle Walensky, has been hiding data concerning the evil coronavirus from the American people for some time now. Most egregiously (my caps), “…the CDC published the first significant data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults younger than 65…BUT the agency…DID NOT SHARE the information on those aged 18-49, who are considered to be the LEAST LIKELY to benefit from a booster…It has also FAILED TO PROVIDE INFORMATION they held on child hospitalizations, scientists complained.”

Remember, this is the same organization that I have already showed you can’t keep track of how many Americans have been hospitalized because of the ‘vid and can’t even keep track of who’s been vaccinated. Nevertheless, a spokesman for the CDC then went on to provide lies, I mean reasons, why the information had not been shared with the public. Gems like “…because basically, at the end of the day, it's not yet ready for prime time.” That means they can’t figure out how to massage the numbers to support their recommendations. And the agency was “…concerned it might be misinterpreted to show the VACCINES WERE INEFFECTIVE.” First of all, I have been showing you that fact based on data actually published by other countries (Israel, the U.K., and Australia) for months. Second, if that’s what the data say, why can’t we know that? How EXACTLY would one “misinterpret” data that says…vaccines don’t do much of anything, which is exactly what it shows?

How ‘bout this one? “She also said that they were reluctant to publish the data BECAUSE it represents ONLY 10 percent of the population of the United States - accounting for 33 million people…” Well maybe that makes sense to some of you; we need more data after all! Except that’s the very “SAME SAMPLE SIZE the CDC has used to track influenza for YEARS.” Yeah, that “reason” doesn’t seem…how do you say it…KOSHER to me. How about you?

We have also previously discussed Dr. Paul Offit. He is perhaps the biggest vaccine proponent on the planet; and he advised his own 20-something year old son NOT to get the booster because there was no benefit to it. And he has been very critical of the CDC for their lying and hiding of data saying “Tell the truth, present the data…Relying on Israeli data to make booster recommendations for Americans was less than ideal...There’s no reason that they should be better at collecting and putting forth data than we were…The C.D.C. is the principal epidemiological agency in this country, and so you would like to think the data came from them.” If he’s criticizing the CDC, you know something ain’t right.

How about this little tidbit from the New York Times: “‘It has also been difficult to find C.D.C. data on the proportion of CHILDREN HOSPITALIZED for Covid who have other medical conditions,’ said Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’s Committee on Infectious Diseases…‘The academy’s staff asked their partners at the C.D.C. for that information on a call in December, according to a spokeswoman for the A.A.P., and were told it was UNAVAILABLE…The pediatrics academy has REPEATEDLY asked the C.D.C. for an estimate on the contagiousness of a person infected with the coronavirus five days after symptoms begin’ — but Dr. Maldonado finally got the answer from an article in the New York Times in December…‘They’ve known this for OVER A YEAR AND A HALF, right, and they HAVEN’T TOLD US,’ she said. ‘I mean, YOU CAN’T FIND OUT ANYTHING FROM THEM.’” Feeling confident in your overlords and “experts” are you? Hey, remember back in January when I wrote about Walensky testifying in front of a Senate panel and when asked about data on deaths after vaccination she replied "Absolutely yes, I couldn't give you the absolute number OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, but our staff could absolutely get back in touch with you . We collect that data." Anybody still holding their breath? Good times.

Some estimates are that the booster might save about 100 lives out of about 130,000,000 people age 18-49. Almost certainly every one of those would be people who were significantly compromised (notwithstanding the lie we discussed yesterday that the people now dying are 30-40 year old “healthy” people). If that number is impressive to you, and you live in a world of fear and “what if” then by all means boost up. Don’t worry, there’s a fourth one coming (data shows the booster only lasts about three months).

But shouldn’t people have the right to know their odds? Shouldn’t we have a right to know if a medical procedure will in fact provide some actual benefit vs. whatever risk of harm there might be? Does the government have a right to withhold that information from the people it supposedly serves? Shouldn’t the government, after two full years of this nonsense, at the very least be competent enough to collect and produce this data in a straightforward and timely fashion?

Do you get it yet? Our overlords (and their mainstream media toadies) are either inveterate liars or incompetent idiots, or both. Are these the people you really want to depend on to keep you “safe”? If after two years of this insanity you are not healthier than you were two years ago, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Start today. Improve your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mental and spiritual health. Take control of your own health destiny. It's YOUR life after all.

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