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So you may not be aware of this story and while it pertains to the dangers of the COVID vaccines, it is really about the censorship surrounding this issue. Andrew Bridgen, a member of the British Parliament, has been an outspoken critic and questioner of the COVID vaccines for some time now. The other day he posted this tweet:

For this, Bridgen was labeled an anti-Semite and suspended from Parliament. Sweet. Dare to even question the machine’s narrative and it’s off to the cornfield with you. According to our friend Igor Chudov on substack:

Please notice the conflicts of interest these two gentlemen (term used loosely) have concerning the vaccine narrative. This knee-jerk and extra-aggressive demonization of someone who doesn’t agree with the machine should be the lesson we take out of this “pandemic” which allegedly has killed something less than one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population in three years. This tweet by Bridgen is in NO WAY anti-Semitic. I can find no contortion into which I could twist myself to see this as anti-Semitic. Bridgen in absolutely no way disparages, demeans, or expresses hatred or even dislike for the Jewish people. In fact he says “since” the Holocaust; a REFERENCE to the worst atrocity in the recent history of mankind. But that’s it. And yet somehow, he has been banished by people with an obvious agenda.

Our overlords know exactly what buttons to push to silence anyone who has the temerity to speak up against what they’ve been doing to us for the last three years. Even I, with my little dog-and-pony show here where I just discuss actual data, while nowhere near important enough to draw the attention of our masters, have, in response to my posts of actual data, been called many names such as “anti-science”, “science-denier”, “dangerous information disseminator”, “stupid” (my personal favorite), “hateful” and for reasons I still can’t figure out, even “racist”, although I'm not the one who denied the "life-saving" vaccines to all the poor brown people in Africa because they couldn't pay for it while those in wealthy western countries were lining up for their second or third shots. Say, whatever happened to equity anyway? Hey, screw "those" people. After all, we don't REALLY believe black lives matter, right? At least Grandma is safe! Spoiler alert - the Africans will probably get the last laugh.

Before any of you get your knickers in a bunch and try to “educate” me on how comparing anything to the Holocaust is in and of itself somehow anti-Semitic, again, Bridgen DOES NOT compare the vaccines to the Holocaust. He uses it as a point of reference. And in fact the cardiologist he references in his tweet (the one who actually made the statement) is himself Israeli and he doesn’t have a problem with the statement…that he made.

This is a very dangerous game we’re playing; this business of silencing any opposition to “authority” by any means necessary. It is crystal clear that these vaccines are, aside from being all-but-useless, injuring lots of people. But if you even question their safety you are labeled some kind of hater. Then a certain segment of the population “knows” you’re some kind of anti-something and you are to be “othered”. This is a VERY dangerous game and it will not end well for any of us. Today you're the windshield, tomorrow you're the bug.

Remember just one short year ago how many of our fellow citizens were OK with, even enthusiastic about banishing the filthy, stupid unvaxxed from society. Remember how celebrities, “experts”, and talking heads alike were advocating for FORCED vaccination; remember how many people lost their livelihoods because they would not comply with a vaccine mandate and how many people took great pleasure in the destruction of those lives because those people "deserved" it for daring to stand up for themselves. And remember how despicable human beings like Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern were “fine” with the unvaxxed dying from a heart attack outside an emergency room they "shouldn't" be allowed into because they would not comply, and remember how their audiences laughed at such a "joke".

You want a comparison to the Holocaust? It is a very short path from being “OK” with people losing their jobs, not being allowed into private businesses or public spaces, or dying on the street because they are “others” to actively rounding those people up and getting rid of them. After all, they’re “them”, not us. If you think that statement is hyperbolic, you obviously know nothing about history. Remember how police all over the world, including tragically in this country acted towards their fellow citizens who "would not comply". They were just following orders...

If you in any way agree with the machine's treatment of Bridgen, you are the problem. And again, if any of you blue-haired virtue-signalers want to attack me because obviously my own anti-Semitism blinds me to the “reality” of the hatefulness of Bridgen’s statement, you should know that I am a strong and proud Jew and I’m standing right here. So “Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?”

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