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So I titled this "PART 1" because I'll revisit this sort of thing from time to time. I could write a piece about this stuff every single day, but where's the fun in that? The "thing" is the backpedaling and gaslighting that has begun and will no doubt increase exponentially throughout this year. We cannot let them; the government dictocrats, medical "experts" and mainstream media talking heads get away with it. Today's example is brought to us by Eugyppius on substack. I highly recommend him.

Our inaugural episode is about that idiot "Health Minister" of Germany Karl Lauterbach. I've written about him before; he's the poster-child for the morons who try to run our lives.

November 2020 (my bold): "Dr. Zoe Hyde, an expert on Covid in children, says the research is clear, schools cause clusters of infections, they drive the pandemic, the research is clear. I agree."

Today: “'This was the advice from the scientists who advised the federal government at the time,' Lauterbach said. Back then, too little was known about Corona transmission. In retrospect, however, the belief that many infections occur in schools and day-care centres 'did not prove to be correct in this way.'”

When the alien archeologists come to investigate what happened to the inhabitants of this little blue marble, these two quotes are all they'll need to figure it out.

Remember how we were told, really up until yesterday, and in some ways even still today (Can you say "We KNOW the vaccine protects against serious illness and death."?) that we "KNEW" whatever they were telling us we "KNEW"? Ask your Aunt Karen, she'll tell you. Masks, lockdowns, social distancing, school closures, a "pandemic of the unvaccinated", the vaccines are safe and effective; EVERYTHING they told us, nay scolded us, they "KNEW" was a lie. Every single bit of it.

In November of 2020, an "expert" on Covid in children told us in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the "research is clear" And of course this imbecile Lauterbach "agreed", so case closed. Here's a question: how does one become an "expert" on Covid in children when Covid had only been a word for about 10 months at that point, and pretty much ZERO children were affected by it? Also, EXACTLY what "research" was "clear"? I'd like to see that research, but alas, only really smart people could understand it, so dummies like me (and you, you're in this boat with me) who could not possibly understand it, don't get to see it.

These people see themselves as gods. And if they ever lowered themselves to communicate with us, this is what they believe would happen:,vid:d6NlhW_hHjU And to be fair, for a significant portion of the population, our overlords are clearly right. To this very day you still see a disturbing number of people walking around with face diapers.

But while they fancy themselves some kind of deities, they're actually just:

Anyway, how did we get from the "expert" telling us the "research is clear" to "too little was known" and the "belief" "did not prove to be correct in this way"? Always notice the language. How EXACTLY did we go from clear "research" to a "belief"? I'll wait.

EVERYTHING we were told we "KNEW" was a lie. Every. Single. Thing. And of course it was, as crackpots like me warned from the very beginning, because whenever these proclamations were made, there simply hadn't been enough time to make those determinations (It was physically impossible to "know" in January of 2021 that the vaccines were "safe"). Not to mention actual data at the time which often directly refuted what we were being told was the "fact".

Pay close attention. 2023 might prove to be the lyingest year ever. While you might choose to forgive your Aunt Karen for her aggressive ignorance, we as a nation CANNOT forgive, or forget, what we allowed the liars and incompetents to do to us. Not because we're petty or spiteful, but because we cannot ever let this sort of thing happen again. We know they're liars, now we get to see them be cowards and try to obfuscate their way out of what they did. How about they just own up to what they did; admit they acted like hysterical, illiterate, innumerate children who have no business asking anyone to listen to them ever again, and then they go away. I hear there's a whole island out there not being used anymore.

Or maybe there's something more nefarious afoot. Whatever...

I for one will not be forgetting any of it. But as always, you do you.

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