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So here’s what’s going on in Australia today. This is important insight because second only to China who is still spraying their citizens with whatever they’re spraying their citizens with, Australia was the most authoritarian Covidian state of anyone on earth with people locked in their homes, police beating people in the street, and citizens being literally sent off to gulags for being infected or maybe even for not being vaccinated. Then after more than a year of all-but-complete lockdown the Aussies began to pop their heads out of their hidey-holes and BANG-ZOOM; the ‘vid did what the ‘vid wants to do. Here’s what’s going on down under in New South Wales now (my bold).

“There has been a substantial increase in the number of people notified with COVID-19 this week.” The percentage of positive PCR tests increased about 65% since last week. There was a 16% increase in daily hospital admissions. And remember, this is going into Australia’s summer when numbers should normally be coming down. What's up with that?

Then we’re told this:

Notice that same old lie that “…vaccines are very effective in preventing the severe impacts of infections…people who are not vaccinated remain more likely to suffer severe COVID-19.” Well, let’s see:

Here are the deaths for the two-week period ending November 5th by vaccine status.

Here are the mathematical facts. Some 96% percent of the adult population in Australia is at least “fully vaccinated” and about 72% is “boosted”. There are roughly 5.5 million adults in New South Wales. As you can see, 21 out of 24 people (88%) who died from COVID (none were below the age of 60) had two, three, or FOUR vaccines and only ONE was known not to have been vaxxed at all. If you start doodling on the back of a napkin here’s what you find:

Death rate for those with two, three, or FOUR vaccines: 0.00038%

Death rate for those (adults) with NO vaccines: 0.00045%

I’ve been through this before, but contrary to the nonsense many of you think you “know” when it comes to how the vax will protect you from serious illness or death, the difference (at least in New South Wales where they actually produce real data) in your chances of dying if you have two, three, or FOUR shots in you vs. if you have NO shots in you is about 0.00007%. That’s seven one hundred-thousandths of one percent. If you just calculate the “protection” of having FOUR shots in you vs. NONE, then your “protection” shoots up to somewhere around 0.0003% or three ten-thousandths of one percent, which then means your extra “protection” of having FOUR shots vs. having NO shots is somewhere around 0.00015% or fifteen one-hundred thousandths of one percent. So there’s that. If you're walking around America today with FOUR (or now five) shots in you, the "protection" you've bought yourself vs. the completely unvaxxed troglodyte who is too stupid to know what's good for him is far less than one percent.

The point is, the actual real-world difference in your risk of dying from COVID whether you are vaccinated or not has ALWAYS been infinitesimal. No matter what Joe Biden has told you about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. So even though we are STILL being told “…people who are not vaccinated remain more likely to suffer severe COVID-19” the actual “protection” is literally zero. Always has been.

But as you know if you’ve been following along, there appears to be quite a shitstorm coming concerning what this grand experiment may end up costing us. Good job America!

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