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So for those not hep to the world of sports, or more directly the world of professional tennis, there’s a big stink brewing these days concerning one of the greatest tennis players of this or any other era. His name is Novak Djokavic and he has the gall, nay the temerity to decline taking a vaccine to “protect” his 35 year old, best-conditioned-on-the-planet body, even though as it turns out the vaccine doesn’t “protect” him from getting infected OR from serious illness (that’s complete BS) or from passing the virus on to others (remember when that was a thing?). As such, the lying morons who run this country have banned him from entering same so he could compete in the upcoming US Open tennis tournament. Djokavic is coming off a Wimbledon (England) championship; this after being literally thrown out of Australia because he’s not vaxxed, which kept him from competing in that tournament.

A recent headline read “John McEnroe slams ‘ridiculous’ Novak Djokovic US Open vaccine ban” with McEnroe (another of the all-time greats and now an expert commentator) saying “These politicians are getting in the way too much. They did it in Australia. Let’s let the guy come in and play in the U.S. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous.”

And John is of course correct. Let’s think about this for a moment. EVERYONE knows the vaccine is COMPLETELY impotent at “protecting” anybody from getting infected or from spreading it thereafter. So what EXACTLY is Joe Biden’s rationale for barring unvaccinated “foreigners” from entering the country? Sounds somewhat xenophobic to me; almost hate-speech, but whatever.

This is like when superstar NBA Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving was banned from playing because he refused the jab; he could sit courtside and yell and scream as a spectator, he could go in the locker room as a guest, but he couldn’t play on the court. That is to say he couldn’t play on his home court; he could play in many away games, just not in New York. Because, you know, science.

What makes this unvaxxed foreigners policy even worse is the fact that hundreds of thousands of “foreigners” have poured across our southern border and those people have been conspicuously exempted from any type of coronavirus containment strategy, but whatever. That’s like if we arrested someone who was kayaking alone in the ocean or ticketed a man for kissing his own wife in the park but we allowed and even defended thousands of people yelling and screaming while crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in the streets. That would be crazy…oh wait. I don’t care about your dopey politics but I would appreciate a dispassionate, cogent, science-based explanation for the difference in these two policy applications. Biden? Fauci? Walensky? Maddow? No? Didn’t think so.

To quote Dr. Vinay Prasad “The US Open has no rule against unvaccinated players, and the audience will include unvaccinated fans. Instead the Biden's administration’s rule (And it is their rule) is keeping Djokovic out…You could airdrop a million Novak Djokovics in the US, and the pandemic will proceed exactly as it otherwise would. Using a vaccine to exclude people is not justified by benefit to others. Vaccinated people are not safer to others than unvaccinated people.”

What POSSIBLE rationale could there be for continuing to (selectively) enforce such a policy? How can ANYBODY still believe ANYTHING any of our government or healthcare institutions say? To bring back an oldie but a goodie, they are IDIOTS AND LIARS ALL! It will be interesting to see how many people dutifully bow their heads, mask their faces, and roll up their sleeves when told to do so in the coming months. Ultimately I guess we get what we deserve.

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