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So as you may have heard, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who in case you are not aware, is “an American physician-scientist and immunologist serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President” just announced he will be stepping down from his position of being the official “science” of the United States at the end of this year. This in contrast to just a few weeks ago when he said he would stick around til the end of Joe Biden’s term as President. Now those of a cynical nature might think Fauci sees the writing on the wall, and with the collapsing COVID narrative and the expected takeover of Congress by Republicans in January, realizes it’s time to get out of Dodge; but no, it’s because “I will be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue the next chapter of my career.” whatever that might mean for an 81 year old man who has shown himself to be an all but completely incompetent, lying, political apparatchik who is almost single-handedly responsible for the damaging of millions (perhaps billions) of lives. Just curious, why NOW? What happened in the last few weeks to move up his departure by two years? Oh well, moving on...

Following this announcement, Lord Farquaad took to his sycophants to begin his farewell tour. First up, Rachel Maddow, who along with her fellow mainstream media imbeciles, pushed a narrative over the last two and a half years that proved to be incorrect pretty much every single step of the way. But if Fauci said it, it was the gospel. After she finished gushing over what an “honor” it was to have this lifelong bureaucrat grace her with his countenance, and once she arose from her genuflected position and offered a small animal sacrifice, she asked the Oracle of Science just what "we" might have “learned” from the last two and half years (of completely non-science insanity dictated by the tiny man himself). Here’s classic Tony (my bold):

“The things that we thought we knew in the beginning turned out as the months went by to not be the case which really forced us to adapt and to change some of our policies and recommendations. That was interpreted by many as flip-flopping or not really knowing what’s going on when it really was the evolution of the science…So one of the lessons that I hope we learned is we’ve also got to be flexible.”

That’s probably the quote that will be carved into the wall behind the statue of Fauci sitting on his throne once they pry Lincoln out of his chair. Nevertheless, the abject stupidity and dishonesty in these few sentences tells you all you should need to know about this guy. When the aliens show up some day and try to figure out what happened to the human race, they’ll read this quote and say “Oh, now I get it.”

Let me be clear, I, as any rational person am perfectly willing to give the “experts” a mulligan for the first month, maybe even two, of this pandemic. There was mass hysteria and we really didn’t know exactly what was going on, and the role of epidemiologists and government “health” experts bends naturally to overcompensate for the possible danger of the new thing. Better to overreact in pursuit of protecting people and then adjust back as new data emerges; I get it. The problem here is, we overreacted but never adjusted (even to this day for many aspects of COVID).

This guy has the nerve to reflect on the errors made due to what “we thought we knew” in the beginning? Saying initially the virus didn’t present a risk to Americans is forgivable; again, panic, fog of war, etc. But the flip-flopping on masks is not. To be crystal clear one more time, ALL of the scientific data accumulated on planet earth over 50 years as of March 2020 said masks were essentially useless against respiratory viruses. Fauci knew this and that’s why he chuckled when asked in March of 2020 (and in May of 2019) and said masks were, well, essentially useless. Then one month later he ABSOLUTELY “flip-flopped” and not only joined, but took control of team mask-up and ordered us all to wear a mask (and later two). This he claimed was due to some “evolution of the science” but that is a complete lie. If you believe that, then please tell me what possible “evidence” was, or could have been accumulated in less than one month that would not only oppose, but override ALL the previously documented data on masks. Even if there were some evidence (which there was not and still is not), there wasn’t enough time to run that experiment. Where is that "evolution of the science"? Please, show it to me. I've been waiting more than two years now. The truth is, it was physically IMPOSSIBLE for that kind of data to “evolve” in a month.

And saying “That was interpreted by many as flip-flopping or not really knowing what’s going on when it really was the evolution of the science.” shows just how intellectually bankrupt this guy is. The evolution of the science” is by definition a description of the learning that we didn’t really know what was going on before. For instance, at first we were told (by Fauci and others) that the virus did not spread from person to person; we soon learned (evolution of the science) that it in fact did. But again by definition, the only way the science can “evolve” is if what we thought we knew proved to be wrong; otherwise there would be no room or need for “evolution”. So for there to be "evolution of the science" we must, again by definition "not really know what's going on". So Fauci is either too stupid to understand the meaning of the words he speaks or just figures we're too stupid. Either way, he's incompetent or a liar. We were told initially that asymptomatic spread was not a thing, now Fauci “knows” that 50-60% of spread is from asymptomatics. That’s “evolution of the science”. By the way, I don’t actually believe we “know” that 50-60% figure to be accurate; probably just an escape valve for those who want a scapegoat so they don’t have to admit there was no stopping this virus no matter what we did. But to say all of a sudden we “knew” we must wear masks was a lie. To say we “knew” the vaccines were safe and effective was a lie. To say we “knew” vax immunity was superior to natural immunity was a lie. To say we “knew” boosters worked against Omicron was a lie. Almost every single thing the tiny man with a Napoleon complex said after March of 2020 was NOT wrong in hindsight due to the “evolution of the science” but because they were purposeful LIES. These previously listed statements were, again, physically IMPOSSIBLE to “know” when he said them. “Science” doesn’t start with “we know”, it starts with a hypothesis; perhaps “we think” and then actual scientists do actual scientific research to discover, if they can, if what they “think” they know is true or not.

And “we’ve also got to be flexible.”?? Where EXACTLY has the flexibility been these last 30 months? Was it in chasing people down the street with pitchforks and torches for not wearing a mask in the supermarket? There was a story just yesterday about the police escorting a FOUR YEAR OLD out of school for not wearing a mask. This policy is still in force in some places (even though there is data from all over the world saying it's nonsense) because Fauci and other morons are still pushing it. Was there flexibility in demonizing people; firing people from their jobs and throwing kids out of school for not getting the vaccine which you now admit doesn’t work? What happened to "my body my choice"? Was there flexibility in allowing doctors to prescribe Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to their patients to battle COVID (again, data from around the world saying these measures work)? What happened to the doctor-patient relationship? Was there flexibility in barring pharmacists from filling those prescriptions or ALLOWING doctors to even speak about those drugs? Was there flexibility in allowing dissenting voices or was it your aim to crush them (we've seen your emails)? How about discussing the possibility that this virus was let loose on the world through a lab leak? What possible negative effect could that conversation have had on public health policy? What happened to freedom of speech? Why couldn't we even ask the question? Was there flexibility in forcing people to close their businesses and destroying their livelihoods, or not allowing them to go to church or hold the hand of a loved one as they died? How about trying to hide Pfizer’s data on the vax from the American people for 75 years? NOW that the whole narrative is falling apart (CDC just said there is NO DIFFERENCE in approach to people whether they’re vaxxed or not – beware the memory-hole), you’re talking about “flexibility”?

No, we must not allow people like Anthony Fauci to get away with this. For many Americans, Fauci ascended the mountain and came down with the edicts from GOD himself (yes I know that’s not where Moses saw the burning bush but it makes for a better title); he was (and still is) treated as some sort of deity by many. This man has shown himself repeatedly to be an egomaniacal (“I am science”) yet all but completely incompetent dictocrat AND a proven inveterate liar and he is most likely responsible for more harm to humanity than any other person on earth, ever. I know to some that sounds hyperbolic, but much of the world took it’s cues from Fauci on masks, lockdowns, school closings, vaccines, etc., that effected hundreds of millions, even billions of people. And much of this damage will take years to reveal itself and be quantified. This guy deserves to be relegated to the dustbin of history but his stance on mandatory vaccination alone should give him a one-way ticket to The Hague. Of course that will never happen, so the best we can do is say good riddance to bad baggage and be vigilant to never let this happen again.

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