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So here’s a little food for thought from a great blogger named Phil Harper who writes on Substack under the title “The Digger”. I highly recommend you follow him but I think probably only crackpots like me will actually wade through many of his very detailed posts. But check him out, he deserves our support. Anyway, I’ll summarize two of his recent posts on early intervention with COVID here and ask the ubiquitous question: "How do you explain that?" Let’s take a look.

Here’s a graph comparing countries that employed some early intervention for their citizens when they tested positive for the ‘rona vs. those, like ours, that basically said “Go home, do nothing, and don’t come to the hospital until you can’t breathe.”

Well that doesn’t look good. A death rate almost TWICE as high in countries that did nothing compared to those with early (immediately after positive test) intervention. Worse yet, the countries included in the “Early Treatment” graph are Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama and Venezuela. The countries in the “No Early Treatment” group are the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, France and Australia. What the hell?

How is it possible that a group of countries largely comprised of poor, primitive brown people (you know, the kind of people who couldn’t “afford” Pfizer’s vaccine so they didn’t get any even though it was absolutely necessary to save the world, so much so that you would be fired from your job or kicked out of school if you didn’t comply) could do so much better than we First Worlders with our Anthony Faucis and Rochelle Walenskys (and don't forget Mika Brzezinski, she's a peach)? Maybe they just don’t know how to count. That’s a common refrain from elites to explain when other countries (usually in Africa) that didn’t do what we KNEW WE HAD TO DO expose our stupidity and hysteria – they can't properly count their deaths; that’s it. Notice they never suggest that about Sweden who mushed a grapefruit in everyone's face. No racism there. Voodoo? Wait, yes THAT’S it; certainly these primitives practice some type of witchcraft. After all, they wouldn’t know “The Science” if he showed up at one of their animal sacrifice orgies wearing one of his "I am Science" t-shirts. That’s gotta be it; DEFINITELY.

No, while we were being told to go home and wait to die, in El Salvador as early as August of 2020 they were handing out, wait for it…“Evidence-based treatment kits” to those testing positive. These kits contained things like aspirin to combat blood clots and inflammation, antihistamines to address the “cytokine storm” that could afflict the infected (remember when that was a thing), Vitamin D to help with viral immune response, and zinc. Similar kits were handed out in many of the other countries noted above. These are all things that had shown promise in actual use on the ground. They were cheap, safe, and available. And that doesn’t even include things like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine (Uh-oh, now I did it. I hope my gulag has cable.) But as Harper points out “…at the exact moment you got your positive Sars-CoV-2 result, the ‘medical establishment’ was well aware of the peer-reviewed evidence showing hydroxychloroquine had a 'broad spectrum of antiviral activity'. It was even antiviral towards a very closely related coronavirus you’d just tested positive for. A virus everyone knew was potentially deadly. So why weren’t you offered hydroxychloroquine to 'inhibit' the virus’ replication? It was known to be well tolerated - it had been in use for more than 60 years, so its safety profile was well understood.” What’s up with that?

Again to quote Harper "The data tells a clear story, the countries that treated early had massively different outcomes to the countries that didn’t…How is it that countries with fewer resources managed to mobilize a rapid treatment response, whilst advanced health economies all over the world drew a blank? In order to accommodate the west’s ‘dropping the ball’ on early treatment, we must believe that every single country that treated early must have been mistaken because had the treatments really been effective, advanced western health care would have ensured they were on offer in the west. Building on this explanation, we must also believe that the first and only treatment that works 'at home' for Covid-19 patients is Paxlovid, Pfizer’s brand new drug with a $500 price tag. No home treatments existed or worked until Pfizer brought their product to market."

Somebody’s got some ‘splainin to do but don’t hold your breath. It will be interesting in the coming months and years to learn just exactly how much of a cluster-f this whole thing has been. I believe we will see nothing short of a complete re-alignment of how we relate to our government “authorities” and how much power we invest in those institutions. But for now you better start getting healthier and stronger. Nobody is coming to save you.

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