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So if you’ve been following along with my diatribes, you will know that about 10 days ago I posted a piece entitled “AND SO IT BEGINS” which dealt with the state of Massachusetts lowering its “official” COVID death count. You can read that post here if you want, but here are the highlights:

“The release continues ‘Massachusetts has applied this NEW definition retroactively to the start of the pandemic in March 2020. As a result, 4,081 DEATHS in Massachusetts that were previously counted as associated with COVID WILL BE REMOVED.’ Those 4,100 deaths account for about 15% of all Massachusetts COVID deaths…Now as this thing winds down, we will probably see a lot more of this type of ‘revision’, especially while we’re all distracted with some other shiny thing…hey, is that Putin?”

Well, channeling my best Nostradamus seems to have been a success. Here’s Friday’s headline (always my caps for emphasis):

“CDC Says It ACCIDENTALLY INFLATED Children’s COVID Death Numbers In ‘Coding Logic Error’”

We’re told “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) REVISED its data this week to reduce pediatric deaths from COVID-19 by NEARLY 24%... On Tuesday, the agency was reporting on its COVID Data Tracker that 1,755 Americans under age 18 had died from the virus since the pandemic began in spring 2020. Now, it is reporting 1,341 deaths in that category… Pediatric death counts were not the only ones to be lowered — total deaths were REDUCED by roughly 70,000 [actually 72,277]… According to the CDC’s weekly provisional data, only 921 children have died for reasons ‘INVOLVING COVID-19,’ an EVEN LOWER NUMBER than the official data tracker now presents. The provisional data reported by the CDC typically lags by some period of time.”

Couple things. As I’ve said, get ready for this sort of thing to be a regular occurrence. It’ll largely be slipped in there as quietly as possible – no need to alarm the natives, but as time goes on, more and more “data” will get “updated” based on whatever nonsensical reasons can be thought up. Last time it was an “updated criteria” issue, now a “coding logic error”. Sweet. As I’ve written before, the CDC cannot keep track of hospitalizations, who’s been vaccinated, and now, even who’s been killed by the ‘rona. By the way, if you believe the now-adjusted “official” number of deaths is legit, I’ve got some bridges in stock I need to move today. I’ll give you a great deal.

Hospitalizations, vaccinations, and deaths would seem to be three pretty important metrics during this pandemic. Maybe if the government wasn’t so busy telling you how to exercise your First Amendment rights as to how you practice your faith or congregate with friends and family; or which way you must walk down the aisle in the supermarket, they could’ve done a better job tracking those kinds of things. But whatever…

So kids’ deaths are reduced from 1,755 to 1,341 which is a great thing. But then we’re told the weekly “provisional” data says only 921, what’s up with that? Oh yeah, there’s that whole “lag time” thing. It takes a while for the provisional data to catch up. We’re usually told it takes a month or two to catch up.

But the difference between 1,341 and 921 is 420 kids. Even if you use the government’s first lie, I mean data point that said 1,755 kids have died, that would average out to about 73 kids per month over two years (the “revised” number would be about 56 per month), but the 420 kid difference between the “official” and “provisional” numbers would mean that some 210 kids died each of the last two months. Even if there’s a lag time of three months (by the way, what EXACTLY takes so long to get this info updated?), that would be about 140 kids a month; twice the pandemic average. If we were losing 100 to 200 kids a month, that story would have drowned out every other story on earth and you know it; even Putin. Remember the hysteria a few months ago when everyone "knew" more kids were being hospitalized due to the Omicron; then we found out that was all just nonsense to drive home a point (get your kids vaxxed!)? Good times. Watch for that kids’ death total to drop again and again. And even if 1,341 is accurate, that’s a population fatality rate of about 0.002% or two one-thousandths of one percent. Again I disclaim that I have no interest in seeing any child die; it's a tragedy of unthinkable dimensions, but before this nonsense began, NOBODY would have been concerned about a risk of two one-thousandths of one percent for anything. And remember these numbers are for deaths “INVOLVING COVID-19” If someone ever gets their hands on the COVID death certificates, someone's gonna have some splainin' to do.

Why am I writing about this? We have a tendency to forget and move on. We CANNOT let that happen with this thing. We cannot forget the incompetence, the hysteria, the authoritarianism, the lies, the dare I day “anti-science” position adopted by our “experts” and talking heads – they MUST be held accountable and we must ensure this can never happen again. I know many cannot afford to recognize that the Emperor has no clothes, but our government and our CDC and our mainstream media are populated almost exclusively with idiots and liars. Remember that.

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