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So today we got some really good news for a change and it comes from, of all places, New York City where a judge by the name of Ralph Porzio just threw out the city’s order to fire municipal workers who would not get vaccinated with a substance that doesn’t work to protect them from a virus which poses them no danger. You know, cops, firemen, EMT’s, sanitation workers; the “heroes” who were quickly and summarily turned into “zeroes” when they refused the vax. He found that the October 20, 2021 order by the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene (and the Mayor's Executive Order) was “arbitrary and capricious”, that it violated the separation of powers doctrine under the New York Constitution, and that the Commissioner (my bold) "…lacks the power and authority to permanently exclude the Petitioners from their workplace".

But wait, it gets BETTER (first time I’ve gotten to write that in two and a half years). The judge ordered these wrongfully terminated workers be re-instated to their full employment status AND that they should be given BACK PAY from the date of termination!

That’s a win for the good guys. And now it will be interesting to see the lawsuits by others brought against NYC and other municipalities that engaged in these Nuremberg Code violations of human rights. If the order has been deemed illegal, then all those people who were forced to get vaxxed because they could not afford to lose their jobs should be lining up to get some compensation. They deserve it, too.

Somebody (many bodies) need to be held accountable for the nightmare that has been our response to a virus which for more than 99.7% of the population threatened a cold and that has the same infection fatality rate as the seasonal flu. Hopefully this is just the first salvo in the fight for that accountability and we see this same thing repeated all over the county. One can only hope.

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