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Updated: Aug 18, 2022


So in recent weeks we’ve seen first Anthony Fauci, then Joe Biden, then Karl Lauterbach (see “LAUTERBACH GETS BIT” from a few days ago), and now Albert Bourla test positive for the “novel” coronavirus. Who’s Albert Bourla and why do we care about these fine fellows? Well Bourla is the lovable CEO of our modern savior, Pfizer; and these four liars are four of the biggest vaccine-pushers on planet earth. And ALL FOUR had been quadruple vaxxed. That’s as many as you can get (until this fall of course when a “new” vaccine will be “available”).

Bourla in April of 2021 (my bold):

Bourla now:

First, he testifies that “I am thankful to have received four doses” of a vaccine I told you was “100%!” effective in preventing COVID as I tell you I’m infected with the very virus for which my “four doses” of vaccine were “100%!” effective? This insanity (it’s actually not insanity, it’s not even stupidity, it’s actually just plain lying) is common among our authoritarian overlords and imbecilic celebrities. Fauci, Biden, Lauterbach, Bourla, Newsom, Obama, Lightfoot, Warren, Clinton; the lists go on and on and they all say exactly the same thing. What are the chances of that? And what’s with the “#COVID19” stuff? Is that even still a thing?

When was the last time you heard a politician or movie star say something like “I would like to let you know I unwantedly got a woman pregnant last month. I am thankful to have been wearing a condom at the time…”? Or how ‘bout “I would like to let you know my husband died in a skydiving accident. He fell through the sky at terminal velocity and exploded upon impact. All we have left is his's a Timex. I am thankful he had two parachutes on his back at the time.”? No? Not familiar with that sort of thing? Didn’t think so.

Second, this INFERENCE that the “mild symptoms” they are experiencing are somehow attributable to the four vaccines, is complete nonsense. Omicron is known far and wide to be much less dangerous than other previous variants. Current research shows the case fatality rate (how many of those infected die from said infection) to be lower, perhaps far lower, than seasonal flu.

This, by the way, brings up the continued use of the “Emergency Use Authorization” for boosters, or vaccines for kids, or masks or any other form of attempted mitigation. Where EXACTLY is the “Emergency”? The daily death rate over the last several months has hovered in the 400-500 a day rate; that would be maybe 12 - 15,000 a month. Lots to be sure, and every death is tragic for someone, but a monthly national fatality rate around 0.0045% or forty-five ten-thousandth of one percent is NOT an emergency. For a point of reference, about 60,000 (4 times more) people die every month from heart disease; that’s about 700,000 a year, every single year (again for perspective, we’ve reported about 1 million COVID deaths over 2 and a half years, which would equate to about 1.7 million heart disease deaths during that same time). But I’m pretty sure I can still walk into almost any store in America and buy cigarettes, doughnuts, and soda any time I want. EMERGENCY!!

Third, notice NONE of these announcements are without a commercial for Paxlovid. Why EXACTLY would they tell us that in their COVID announcement? Literally hundreds of millions of people were infected before Paxlovid came along and literally more than 99% of them did just fine. Why the push for Paxlovid (which is only supposed to be for people over 60 or those severely compromised)? Remember a few months ago when Joe Rogan said he used Ivermectin (along with the “kitchen sink”) and recovered quickly from COVID? He was just about burned at the stake (by the way, I have written, and will again one day soon, about evidence from all over the world that Ivermectin, which is essentially free, actually works to blunt COVID infection). But now, every time some bigwig gets infected, they push Paxlovid…at more than $500 per treatment. FOLLOW. THE. MONEY.

By the way, if Paxlovid is so good, then again, why still the EUA for the vax? "An EUA can only be granted when no adequate, approved, available alternatives exist, and when the known and potential benefits outweigh the potential risks. An EUA also only lasts as long as the public health emergency for which it was declared." So if Paxlovid is so effective at blunting the course of the virus; if it's an "adequate, approved, available alternative" that exists, then why exactly are the vaccines (certainly for children) and the boosters still allowed on the market under EUA...exactly?

So we all need to come to grips with the fact that there’s no way to avoid infection. Just about every American has either already been infected or will be at some point (although perhaps 5% of us seem to be naturally immune). And as always, if you are even “relatively” healthy in America, your chances of a negative experience with the infection is just about ZERO. The best way to “protect” yourself from said negative experience is to actually get healthier. Start today. It’s your life, live it well.

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