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So you may have missed the announcement yesterday but the Commissioner of the FDA, one Robert Califf, has come down with the ‘vid. The FDA reports (my bold) “He is up to date on vaccines against COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms.” So one assumes that means he recently got the brand new and better than ever bivalent booster, and yet less than two months later, the ‘rona caught him and his supercharged immune system. As such, he joins the very exclusive club of clowns Fauci, Biden, Biden, Bourla, and Walensky; all of whom were as vaxxed up as possible (Walensky getting infected just one month after receiving the brand new and better than ever bivalent booster) but still got caught. Curiously they don’t actually say whether he has the new booster or not but one assumes since he heads the organization that has approved it for kids as young as five years old, he certainly has his. He’s about 70 years old so one also assumes he’s taking Paxlovid (also curiously not mentioned) which he also approved for kids as young as 12, so we can expect an announcement in about a month that he is experiencing a “rebound COVID case” which according to Pfizer affects almost nobody (except apparently every single high profile government official) after taking the Pfizer drug which is about as effective as their other big seller which is also all but useless.

But true-believers need not worry. Your golden idol isn't going anywhere. You see there are new villains in town named BQ.1 and BQ.1.1. These new variants have been making noise in recent weeks like Dillinger robbing banks. They’ve gone up from about 9% of cases a month ago to 35% of cases today. And “The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has said they were likely to become the dominant variants shortly and drive up cases in the next few weeks and months…but warned it may evade some immune protection, citing laboratory studies in Asia.” So you can breathe easy; there will probably be another brand new and better than ever bivalent booster (maybe even a TRIVALENT one) coming along soon which you can get to “protect” yourself. That one I bet will definitely work. DEFINITELY.

In case you think I'm just being mean or stupid with snide comments like a "TRIVALENT" booster, USA TODAY tells us "Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech, companies that have led the COVID-19 vaccination strategy, say they're beginning trials to assess the safety, efficacy and dosage of their candidate vaccine that combines four flu strains and two coronavirus strains." So there's that. I'd REALLY like to meet the parents who will sign their kids up for those trials. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer to that question is of course, absolutely nothing. For those of you who still have any concerns with any of this COVID stuff you need to realize once and for all that you are just too stupid to understand this sort of thing because it is something called "SCIENCE". You should try following it and just roll up your sleeve already. It's the key to salvation after all...

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