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So under the rubric of it always sucks when the facts get in the way of a good story, today we’ll take a quick look at our Amish friends. WHAT did they do during the pandemic that was surely going to kill every living creature on earth and HOW did they do vs. the rest of the country?

First, the data tells us that the number of Americans who died from COVID hovers at about 0.3% of the population…after more than three years. That’s three-tenths of one percent. As I pointed out in a recent post, over the past three years we’ve lost about TWICE as many people to both heart disease and cancer; not combined, that’s twice as many lost to heart disease and twice as many lost to cancer, each. So there’s that. And by the way, if you believe we’ve actually lost more than a million Americans to COVID you’re just being silly.

Anyway, today we’re looking from another angle of REAL WORLD DATA, not models or predictions or proclamations, at the national natural experiment we just went through involving the Amish and the rest of the civilized really smart people that inhabit this country. Now you can go back and look up any number of mainstream media panic porn pieces from 2020 and 2021 telling you in no uncertain terms that the Amish were committing mass suicide because they were too backwards and stupid to recognize that the really smart people telling them what to do were in fact really smart and by not listening they were sealing their own fate. Poor, stupid, religious Amish; they know not what they do.

What did they do? Well, essentially nothing. While many of us were hiding under our beds and sanitizing our mail and leaving our groceries in a decontamination chamber because we’re really smart and we KNEW that the evil coronavirus could be spread through contact with inanimate objects (one of the earliest tidbits of misinformation from our overlords), the Amish were living their lives like it was 1999, or even just 2019. No lockdowns, no social distancing, no masks, and later, no vaccines. They were shopping in stores with other maskless people and even had the temerity to go to church to practice their faith in God. STUPID AMISH!!

Anyway, fast forward to today and what do the numbers show? In Holmes county Ohio, home to the highest concentration of Amish in America where they make up about 50% of the population of the county, the vaccination rate is about 19% (hey that’s even worse than those death-culters in Florida) and essentially none of those vaxxed are in the Amish community, and the COVID death rate after three years stands at about 0.4%. Remember, the national average is about 0.3%. No mitigation strategies whatsoever by half the population of the county, an abysmally low vaccination rate, and yet essentially an identical death rate. Hey I thought everyone KNEW we HAD to get vaxxed at least four times to save ourselves and our neighbors. 19%? 0.4%? Just wondering, you know, explanation anyone?

In Lancaster county Pennsylvania, where we find the largest population of Amish, we see the same thing. Here the Amish make up only about 10% of the population (50,000 out of 500,000) in a county with a 62% “fully vaxxed” rate, and a COVID death rate of just under 0.4%. So a vax rate THREE TIMES HIGHER than Holmes county, and yet the same death rate. Curious.

By the way, for reasons I’ll leave to your imagination, I can’t seem to find data on exactly how many of the COVID deaths in these counties were actually among non-vaxxed Amish. But Steve Kirsch on Substack and Twitter has offered $2500 to the first person who can name more than five unvaxxed Amish in Lancaster county (again, out of about 50,000 Amish) who died from COVID and so far no takers. So there’s that. You can read that piece here if you want.

If you don’t want to take the time, here’s all you need to know:

Or you can watch this five minute video:

So for all you true-believers out there I’d really appreciate some explanations. We’ve seen this same exact scenario play out over the last three years in real time in Sweden. No mitigation strategies that we were told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS were absolutely necessary to protect us all from the gaping maw of the angel of death, and yet, the Swedes, as the Amish, did the same or better than everyone else.

Although Tiny Tony is no doubt occupied with lecturing an army of his own bobble-head dolls on how he IS science, maybe someone could get him on the phone to explain this to all us non-expert troglodytes. I’ll wait…

As more and more evidence is amassed, we can see plainly that EVERYTHING we were told about COVID was a lie. And if you think they weren’t lies, they were just mistakes because “we didn’t know” then you are once again left with, as I have been stressing for three years now, a choice between being ruled by liars who knew better but who were pushing a certain agenda or by just plain idiots who actually had no idea what they were talking about (in a very authoritative voice by the way). Your choice.

Have I mentioned that it’s your life and, c’mon man, you know, the thing, start acting like it.

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