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So just another reminder of what one half of this country just did to the other. As a review, the US has officially suffered about 1.2 million deaths attributed to COVID over the past three years. That figure is of course absurdly high but we’ll go with what we got. That means that over the past THREE YEARS, the virus that was going to surely kill us all has actually taken about three-tenths of one percent of the American citizenry; in THREE YEARS. And more than 70% of those deaths were in people over the age of 65 with fully 50% being in people over the age of 75. For a point of reference the average life expectancy in America is about 77. For those ages 75-84, the COVID death risk was less than 2%. Over 85 the risk was 5%. I'm pretty sure at those ages your risk of dying from anything on any given day is at least 2%. Once again, let me disabuse the popular accusation that I am some kind of enthusiastic grandma-killer. I take no joy in any death, but if we as a society have any hope of ever regaining our composure, cold hard FACTS must be re-introduced into the national discourse.

Anyway, that’s about 400,000 people a year taken by COVID. Again for reference, roughly 700,000 Americans die from heart disease every year and cancer will take about 610,000 per year. So there’s that.

For those true-believers out there, through the first year of the pandemic, with a completely immune-naive population and no vaccines, and tens of thousands of deaths caused by political dictates (stuffing infected old people back into nursing homes) and medical malfeasance (ventilator use), we suffered about 540,000 deaths. Since the advent of the vaccine (I count from March 1, 2021), and with a population already almost completely exposed to the virus, and a much less lethal variant largely dominating the landscape, we’ve lost another 600,000. How you pro-vaxxers explain that is anybody’s guess, but whatever.

Looking back now at ACTUAL DATA, not models or conjecture or wishful thinking or, let’s just call it what it was, propaganda, we can see that pretty much EVERYTHING we were told about EVERYTHING was a lie. ESPECIALLY when it came to the vaccine. Aside from the FACT that everything we were told the vaccine COULD NOT do (spread around the body, get into your DNA, cause myocarditis, get into breast milk, etc) actually does happen, EVERYTHING we were told the vaccine WOULD do (stay in your shoulder and then disappear in a few days, provide better protection than natural infection-acquired immunity, prevent you from getting infected, or spreading the virus, or getting sick, or really sick, or dying from COVID; or you just need two shots, or three, or four) proved to be lies as well. My personal favorites are the vax was better than natural immunity (never actually explained HOW or WHY), and of course, it was a pandemic of the UN-VAC-CINATED (say it with your chompers showing).

And if you're excuse is "We didn't know" then why the certitude of the proclamations? And why the demonization of anybody who dared to even question the narrative? And how come I knew? I've been warning against the hysteria since April 2 or 2020. And I'm a nobody, but as I have said many times, I can read and execute the four basic math functions pretty well. That's all it took (I'm one of those morons who did his "own research").

So here submitted for your reflection is a little compilation of just how aggressively our government overlords, our medical “experts” and our mainstream media liars inundated us with their propaganda. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what this is; PROPAGANDA. Straight out of the playbook of (insert your favorite despotic totalitarian regime here). They're all so sure, so wrong.

By the way, except for Ben Shapiro (quoted in this video) I am unaware of ANYBODY in this video who has admitted they were lying or they were lied to and who have subsequently changed their position and apologized for their pro-vax, anti-American stance. ANYBODY.

Watch it if you will. I dare you. And DON’T FORGET it. Hat tip bad cattitude on substack:

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