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So it appears that Australia is finally giving up the ghost so to speak. After creating an authoritarian state perhaps second only to China during the last two and a half years (go back and watch some video), and with a certain segment of this country’s populace looking longingly to the Aussies with admiration, envy, and frustration in not being able to beat their own citizens in the street for eating a sandwich outside and not being able to set up internment camps for “those” people, and not being able to bar certain “science-deniers” from participating in society at all if they didn’t “voluntarily” get the vax, the folks down under seem to have finally recognized what some of us have been saying since early 2020; no matter what we do, no matter how smart we think we are, this virus is gonna do whatever it damn well pleases and the thought that we could somehow “control” it has always been arrogant and foolhardy.

Anyway, they’ve realized their folly (maybe) and now “recommend” the new bivalent vaccine to only certain groups while essentially banning it for people under 30 (unless significantly compromised). Good for them, finally. Unlike here where they’re still pushing vaccines like it’s 1999 (shout out Prince).

But here’s a reflection on how Australia and an old friend that has been a fly in the ointment for two and a half years bring up our favorite question: “How do you explain that?”

Here’s Australia’s COVID death graph:

You’ll notice how Australia kept the boogeyman at bay for the better part of two years; at what cost remains to be seen. But as yours truly (and many others) has been saying since early 2020, as soon as one person in Australia coughs, the thing is on. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. The “zero-COVID” strategy was always moronic, and in it’s application, evil (again, go back and watch some video). So now, from the beginning of this thing until today, the population fatality rate in Australia stands at about 0.06%; that’s six one-hundredths of one percent. That means if you’ve been living (so to speak) in Australia since January 2020, your chances of dying from COVID has been six one-hundredths of one percent. That’s essentially zero. Well look, their draconian measures worked! Case closed.

But then there are our friends the Swedes – oh how some people of a certain political bent hate those Swedes. Remember, as opposed to Australia, Sweden did essentially nothing to combat the ‘rona. They just lived their lives and stuck their thumbs in the eyes of the rest of the “civilized” world. Here’s their COVID fatality graph:

And the proof is in the pudding. Look how much worse the Swedes did. Again, proof that their ridiculous, science-denying approach to the pandemic was, well, ridiculous and science-denying. A little back-of-the-napkin math shows us that Sweden’s population fatality rate is about 0.2% or two-tenths of one percent. Now the headline you’d hear from Anthony Fauci or Joe Biden or The New York Times is that Sweden’s fatality rate was MORE THAN THREE TIMES GREATER than Australia’s; again proof-positive that the lockdown, mask-up, quadruple-vax crowd was right all along. But as I’ve said many times, three times nothing is still nothing.

Let’s be crystal clear here. The ACTUAL REAL WORLD DIFFERENCE in your chances of dying of COVID if you live in Australia vs. if you live in Sweden is 0.14%. That’s FOURTEEN ONE-HUNDREDTHS OF ONE PERCENT. That’s it. One country took the Chinese approach, one country did essentially nothing, and the “benefit” of the Australian (and the rest of the West’s) insanity was FOURTEEN ONE-HUNDREDTHS OF ONE PERCENT. That’s a mathematical fact. Our population fatality rate, completely nonsensical as it is, stands at 0.3%; for all our hysteria about “death cults” and “anti-vaxxers” and “science-deniers” only one quarter of one percent worse than Australia’s (but still one-tenth of one percent worse than Sweden’s where if I didn’t mention it, they did nothing). And by the way, notice how Australia’s death curve started climbing towards the sky at the beginning of this year, since the arrival of Omicron which is much less lethal than previous strains, and when their "fully vaccinated"rate was about 80%, so there’s that. 80% fully vaxxed and yet deaths "skyrocketing", go figure. By the way again, let’s check back in six months; it’ll be interesting to see how many more deaths the Aussie’s suffer as they stop holding their breath and they rejoin the world.

So just wondering, if everything you really believe you think you “know” about this pandemic is correct, how do you explain this? If your stupid masks, your criminal lockdowns, your silly “distancing”, your immoral, crimes-against-humanity vaccine policies actually did something, anything really, how do you explain differences in deaths of far less than one percent? But you keep "believing the experts". And if you’re going to try to explain it, please remember to bring your data. Thanks.

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