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So if you need to see more than this you are truly lost. There are more drug lobbyists in Washington than there are members of Congress. And more than two-thirds of members of Congress cashed Big Pharma campaign checks in 2020.

Threatened by regulated price caps from congress, the pharmaceutical industry spent nearly $390 million on lobbying in 2021 according to new data from OpenSecrets…Health companies spent nearly $690 million on lobbying federally, which was $175 million more than the 2nd place category. Within the industry, the largest lobbying bills were racked up by pharmaceutical companies, which spend (sic) $356 million on federal lobbying alone. The industry spent $32 million in the 19 states that give access to such data.”

If you are so weak of constitution and rational thought that you cannot bring yourself to accept the total corruption of our healthcare system, from Anthony Fauci on down; to recognize the emperor has no clothes, especially as it has played out over these last three years, you are doomed. Worse yet, if you have young children, you are probably dooming them to your same fate. So if you are too scared or lazy to take charge and responsibility for your own health destiny, and instead take comfort in the warm bosom of an industry that could not possibly care less about your welfare, perhaps the thought of your children ending up as afraid and weak as you are might give you some incentive to at least try to become the healthy, free-thinking and autonomous individual you were meant to be.

Am I a son-of-a-bitch for speaking so bluntly? Perhaps. But then again, desperate times, desperate measures and all that sort of thing. And as I have said many times before, there are only five opinions on this planet that matter to me and I’m pretty sure you ain’t one of them.

But the good news is, it’s actually pretty easy to take charge of your own health. Improve these six basic things and you’ll begin your journey to the health you were intended to enjoy:

Get better sleep. At least start by regulating your sleep cycle so you go to sleep at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Sleep deprivation is a torture tactic for a reason.

Start eating real food. And stop eating the garbage “food-like-products” the food industry addicts you to. Start by eliminating all vegetable oils from your diet. If they’re in your cabinet right now, throw them out. They are injuring you. Just use butter, but if you must use oils, stick to olive (but don’t heat it), avocado, or coconut. Organic if possible.

Start exercising regularly. Just start with walking if that’s all you can do, but if possible get in a gym and start doing weight-bearing resistance exercise. Lean mass (muscle) is probably the most important physical determinant of longevity. If you don’t have access to a gym, start at home with body-weight exercises and maybe some exercise bands. Steady-state cardio (running) is not really your friend.

Get outside in the sun whenever possible. Stop listening to the idiots who have scared you out of the sun. 15-20 minutes a day around noon with as much skin exposed as possible is probably enough for your body to produce the Vitamin D it needs. If you live north of Atlanta, in the fall and winter supplement with a quality Vitamin D.

Find real ways to mitigate your stressors. “Stress kills” is a saying for a reason. All the other things on this list will help with this issue, but you can always try meditation or mindfulness to help find peace.

Enlarge/improve your social circle. One of the most important things for a long, healthy life is your social circle. Find people whose company you enjoy and prune out the “energy-suckers”. We all have them in our lives; cut them loose. Your time is finite, spend it wisely.

Practice a little thankfulness for all you’ve been given. Living in gratitude will help guide you down a healthier road. Those who are consciously thankful also recognize there is something larger in the universe than just them. Those who don’t recognize the great gifts they’ve been given are miserable people; every single time.

Everything on this list can be done pretty much for free. Remember, nobody is coming to save you. It’s your life, start acting like it.

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