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So while researching some data (I’m a fun guy) I came across this interesting picture from a site called MORTALITY WATCH. The data’s legit. I’m just wondering, you know, how you explain this.

We've been through this several times yet I'm still waiting for an explanation. Anything other than just calling me names would be nice. Sweden, where they did essentially nothing at all; no lockdowns, no social distancing, no mask mandates, no school closures (through age 16), essentially NOTHING to combat the evil coronavirus that would surely kill us all, and their results sure look a lot better than what went on here. Notice how by mid-2020 in Sweden the mortality rate, which rose briefly, already headed back into the normal range (while we were still all hiding under our beds and washing our mail and accusing our neighbors who dared to walk outside maskless of being murderers). Please also notice how 2019 was a lower-than-normal mortality year in Sweden. This accounts for the often-cited “dry tinder”; people who would have normally died in that year who didn’t and were therefore bound to die anyway in 2020. This accounts for at least some of the rise in deaths we see in 2020 irrespective of the ‘vid.

Here in the USA where all the smart people live (except of course in Florida where all the “death-culters” live) we destroyed millions of lives by forcing businesses to close (unless you were a big corporate business; or a liquor store; or a pot shop; but definitely no going to church!) and millions more by shutting schools and setting kids back years, perhaps irreparably, because “Schools would kill everybody!” (Have I mentioned Sweden didn’t close their schools?) and we generally destroyed the very fabric of our society, and yet look at the ACTUAL DATA. By the way, in the pursuit of complete fairness and honesty, as I point to the debacle of our children’s education, I should note that neither Anthony Fauci nor Randi Wiengarten (the president of the American Federation of Teachers) called for closing the schools – just ask them, they’ll tell you. So there’s that.

But here’s what’s funny. As I cruised the interwebs for my aforementioned data research, I came upon this gem:

Notice the “Related questions” (not sure how that's "related" but whatever) where US News and World Report, a fine outlet of “news” tells us that in fact, the United States “handled” COVID better than Sweden. I didn't read the article because I already know whatever child is playing dress-up and pretending to be a "journalist" is an idiot or a liar or both so why waste my time. But again, here's the actual DATA:

Well it doesn’t LOOK like the US handled anything better, but again, whatever. The idiots and liars in the mainstream media obviously know better.

Hey remember when “SCIENCE” was all the rage and Anthony Fauci and all the other “experts” told us we had to wear a mask while entering a restaurant and while walking to our table but once at the table we could take our mask off? Now I could never quite figure out why someone under about four feet tall had to wear a mask at all, as that’s about face-height for an adult sitting at a table, so if four feet was the magic height below which COVID didn’t exist (or alternatively before 10 pm, which is when bars and restaurants had to close because apparently not only did the coronavirus come from bats but actual vampire bats so evidently the virus only came out AFTER 10 pm; in bars and restaurants that is, but in schools it showed up with the bell at 8am) why did a person shorter than four feet have to wear a mask ever? I guess some eight-year-old could have spewed his filthy breath-cloud upwards above the magic four-foot line at which point the virus would activate and instantly kill all life as we know it sort of like Sarin gas. Or maybe we all could have just crawled around on our hands and knees and avoided the whole COVID thing altogether. Alas, questions for people way smarter than me.

DO NOT let them memory-hole or gaslight you. DO NOT forget what the medical “experts” and government overlords did to us. Rest assured they're coming back for another bite of the apple. Don't give them an inch.

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