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So with all this talk about the new, super-special, Omicron-specific vaccine (or booster, or whatever) coming to save the planet this fall – it will definitely work…DEFINITELY, I thought we could take a little stroll down memory lane. Hey remember nary eight months ago when we all “KNEW” something we didn’t because of headlines from mainstream “news” outlets like CNBC like this (my bold): “Fauci says Covid boosters work against omicron, no need for variant-specific third shot” in which the Oracle of Science told us “Our booster vaccine regimens work against omicron,”? Well, that didn’t age well did it? Let’s see, that’s number 103 on the list of things Fauci told us we “knew” which turned out to be not so much (of course my favorite being we “knew” the vaccines were both “safe and effective”…that’s a keeper right there). As I’ve said before, weathermen (or weatherwomen, you know, your choice) are envious of this guy. He hasn’t been right one time in two and a half years and he’s still the highest paid federal employee in America. Sweet. Some of you still have his bobble-head doll or prayer candles sitting on your mantel. C’mon man, you know who you are. No joke! But I’m being too harsh. He was actually right once. In March of 2020 when he laughed and said masks were a waste of time; that time he was actually telling the truth and was right. All the science on planet earth to that moment said so (and still does). So I correct myself; he was right once in two and a half years. And at the risk of beating a dead horse AGAIN, the fact that an august “news” organization like CNBC doesn’t know that it’s “COVID” and not “Covid” should tell you all you need to know about the children running the show. One wonders if they even know what COVID means. STOP LISTENING TO THEM!!!

Anyway, because I have so much time on my hands, I thought I would put together a graphic which should make you think twice about what you think you know about how effective the vaccines are. This is the same argument I presented many times early on as to the “evidence” of mask efficacy; which is essentially zero. Here’s the pic:

“What the hell is this?” you ask? It’s the answer to the question of does the vax work. The answer is, not according to the data. Let’s see.

Our first big case surge in fall/winter of 20/21 peaks around 1/15/21 (first yellow tab). At that peak, vax coverage stood at less than one percent so vaccines COULD NOT POSSIBLY have any effect at all on the peak and subsequent precipitous decline. Why didn’t cases of the virus that was going to kill all of us simply continue to go up? We didn’t have the vaccine to protect us (and we were already all masked up). So why the peak? Halfway through that decline around 2/1/21 (pink tab) the vax was at about 2.5%; still impossible to contribute to the continued decline, which by the way shows no downward deflection (or increased speed of decline) which one would expect from some outside intervention designed to “shut down the virus”. Let’s be clear here, as with masks (which never showed any deflection either), when you introduce an outside intervention (vaccines) to “slow the spread” of the virus, that introduction MUST show some effect on the case curve or death curve. Here, as with masks, we NEVER see any such downward deflection. One should be able to look at a graph like this and point to a spot and say “See, THAT’S where vaccines began to take effect!” But you don’t see it…ever.

Here’s an example:

This is a graph of US overweight/obesity trends. Note the obvious deflection upward in the obesity rates of men and women here in America (yellow tab). This is EXACTLY the time when the government introduced the “food pyramid” where we were told to stop eating meat and fat and start eating carbohydrates. Notice obesity rates were pretty much flat for the previous 15 to 20 years (1960-1980), then BOOM, an obvious and distinct upward deflection in what had been an otherwise flat line. Here we can actually point to the graph and say “RIGHT HERE is where the effect of the intervention can be seen!” Interestingly, it was in 1977 that crackpot lefty Senator George McGovern changed the way we eat. In hearings conducted on this issue, when scientists who perhaps even agreed with McGovern’s position of reducing meat, fat, and cholesterol in the diet (nonsense by the way), and increasing carbohydrates, objected saying “I have pleaded…for more research on the problem before we make announcements to the American public” McGovern retorted “Well I would only argue that senators don’t have the luxury…of waiting until every last shred of evidence is in.” Since then, following government edicts, obesity has more than doubled. Good job government know-nothings! Remind you of anything? Can you say “Never-before-successfully-used mRNA vaccines”? After all, it was an EMERGENCY where fully 99.7% of the population wasn’t dying from COVID!

Anyway, back to our case graph.

As spring and summer of 2021 roll in we hit an expected seasonal low point in cases around mid-June (first orange) with a vax rate of about 48%. Remember how we were told how well vaccines were working while government and medical liars used the virus’s natural seasonality to tell us the case reduction was due to the vax? That was awesome. Then cases head back up and peak around 9/1/21 (first green) at which point the vax rate is about 55%. How is it POSSIBLE, if these vaccines worked, that you could have a wave (green tab) with 55% of the country double-vaxxed, that’s very similar to the previous winter wave (yellow/pink) when there were no vaccines at all? Oh that’s right, it was by then a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. I forgot.

The curve then heads back down to a low around 11/1/21 (blue) with a vax rate of about 60%, then begins to inch back up to about 12/1/21 (purple) where the vax rate was 61% and then it explodes almost straight up until it peaks about 1/15/22 (second orange) when vax coverage was about 64%. Cases then drop as fast as they rose to a low around 4/1/22 (second yellow) where it again immediately begins to rise to a plateau around 5/20/22 (second green) with a vax rate of 67% where it has stayed throughout the summer. By the way, notice how this summer’s case count is considerably higher than either of the last two summers with two-thirds of the country now “fully vaxxed” and many boosted. It seems we have somehow altered the natural seasonality of the virus. How do you explain that? Overall, this was the same thing we saw with masks; they make no discernable difference, they just don’t. If you’re going to say “Well without vaccines things would have been much worse.” first you’d have to cite your reference (not just Anthony Fauci saying it), then you’d have to explain spring 2020, fall 2020, and winter 20/21? Each wave came and went with no vaccines. Here’s a look at total case growth in the US:

Notice the slope (growth) of the 2020 wave (between 2 yellow tabs) is essentially the same as that in 2021 (two pink tabs) when we were all neck-deep in vaxomania. The two more vertical increases are natural winter seasonal increases with the second one (2021/2022), with some 60% of the country fully vaxxed, being much steeper than the 2020/2021 curve with no vaccines. Explanations?

By the way, you can add Jill Biden to the list of prominent quadruple-vaxxed folks to get the ‘vid. But don’t worry, I’m sure she’s quite thankful for the four shots in roughly 18 months which were supposed to protect her from getting infected that didn’t protect her from getting infected but they have made her illness less problematic than it otherwise would have been because she said so. How EXACTLY do any of these people “know” the vax protected them from worse symptoms? The answer of course is they don’t; there’s no way to “know” that but they sure do “believe” it (or at least claim to). Is this “science” or “faith”? I guess “Follow the faith!” doesn’t have the same impact…but that’s exactly what we have done. We have worshipped at the altar of big government and medicine and it has not gone well at all. You might want to rethink what golden idol you’re willing to genuflect to.

And if your response to the problematic case curves is “Well, deaths…”

Deaths go up, deaths go down in concert with case waves. And notice the death peak in September of 2021 (green) with more than 55% of the population vaxxed, is about the same height (and broader with less of a decline) than the very first peak (yellow) in a completely immune-naïve population when the government and medical community were actively contributing to death counts (nursing homes and ventilators). Then notice the most recent peak in early February 2022 (pink) with about 65% of the country fully vaxxed or boosted. It is basically identical to the first peak and not that far off from the winter 2020/2021 wave. And this in the time of Omicron which is much less dangerous than previous strains.

How exactly do you explain all this? And none of this takes into account the harm done by these vaccines. That's a whole other story which doesn't look good...

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