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A FOURTH DOSE? 3/21/22

So back in the good old days when we knew who the stupid, selfish, science-denying, grandma-killers were (that would be me and my ilk) and we QAnon aficionados were warning all the true believers about the “vaccine of the month club” coming to a community near you, because we could see the writing on the wall concerning the COVID vax efficacy issues, we were derided and publicly attacked on a regular basis. How dare I disseminate bad information that would surely get people killed?

Fast forward about eight months and here we are. Shot number four coming your way. OK, terrific! Now I’m not going to go into too much detail here; if you need convincing of the stupidity of a fourth shot in about a year’s time, then you’re probably not reading this anyway. But let’s take a quick look.

In a letter to the editor published in the New England Journal of Medicine just last week entitled “Efficacy of a Fourth Dose of Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine against Omicron” the authors of an “open-label, nonrandomized clinical study” found (my caps) “we observed LOW VACCINE EFFICACY against infections in health care workers, as well as relatively HIGH VIRAL LOADS suggesting that those who were infected were INFECTIOUS. Thus, a fourth vaccination of healthy young health care workers may have only MARGINAL BENEFITS.”

Then we have Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on "Face the Nation" last week saying “Right now, the way that we have seen, it is NECESSARY, a fourth booster right now. The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually QUITE GOOD for hospitalizations and deaths. It's NOT THAT GOOD AGAINST INFECTIONS,”.

Couple things. The third shot, what we call a “booster” but what Tiny Tony (I miss “The Science”) would tell you is what we always “knew” would be the third shot of a standard three-shot regimen, didn’t do a whole lot, and wore off in perhaps as little as 10 weeks. We see here above, that number four didn’t do much (certainly for young people) to “protect” anyone, and America’s favorite veterinarian (Bourla) is telling you that the third shot is “quite good” for hospitalization and death (if you read my recent piece “UK VAX DATA UPDATE” you know that’s not true), but not so good against infections. So if number three is “quite good” at keeping me out of the hospital or morgue, but not so good at stopping infection, why exactly would I want number four?

If you’re already lining up for number four because you “know” it’s necessary, you should stop and think a bit about a few things. One, what happens to the human immune system when we repeatedly jack it up artificially through this “vaccine” which is forcing your body to produce a viral protein which drives the immune system into overdrive? In my post on original antigenic sin some months ago we touched on something called “anergy” which is essentially immune system collapse. You can burn out your immune system and yes it’s a real thing. Two, also discussed before, Dr. Paul Offit, a very pro-vaccine guy said there’s no reason for a young person to even get shot number three, let alone number four; he advised his own 20-something son not to get it. Three, going by the UK data, the risk of death in those who have taken the booster is about 0.02% or two one-hundredths of one percent. How much “safer” do you think you’ll be with another shot? Four, Pfizer’s (and Moderna’s) applications are for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA); exactly where is the “emergency”? Pfizer tell us “The emergency uses are only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product…” With a current fatality rate amongst the boosted of 0.02%, and supposedly “quite good” protection from hospitalization and death from shot three, what EXACTLY would the emergency be? Is it an “emergency” if you catch a cold? And if shot number three doesn't stop infection, why would shot four?

Look, get vaxxed, don’t get vaxxed, who the hell cares? But please think about what you’re doing; what additional level of “safety” do you hope to attain and what possible damage could you be doing. Especially with your college kids who were at ZERO risk when this started and now if they’re “fully vaxxed” and perhaps boosted, even after being infected, their risk is, well, ZERO. Bourla talked about trying to develop a shot that will last at least a year (didn’t hear anyone saying anything like that in January of 2020 when they told you how the vax was “95% effective” but whatever). Then they’ll combine COVID with the flu shot, and you’ll get one every year. Now before you say “Well I get a flu shot every year so what’s the big deal?” think about the difference in the two shots. There’s a BIG difference. Just look before you leap.

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