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So today we’ll take a quick look at some data which sort of demands some kind of an explanation from say the likes of Anthony Fauci or Rochelle Walensky or maybe even Joe Biden (hahahahaha). These questions arise from data concerning that old bugaboo vaccine efficacy (VE). Let’s remember we were told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the vax was “95% effective”. And that was against even the risk of INFECTION, let alone death. Then when that was clearly shown to be a lie, the narrative became “OK, OK, the vaccine cannot stop infection or spread of coronavirus but it will definitely protect you from serious disease and death. DEFINITELY.” Hey remember when this was a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” and those evil, stupid, unvaccinated death-culters were ENDANGERING all the truly good people who got vaccinated so they wouldn’t get infected or die, but those evil, stupid, unvaccinated death-culters still posed an existential threat of infecting and killing all the truly good people who got vaccinated so they wouldn’t get infected or die because…science? Good times.

Anyway, as I have shown many times according to data from many places around the world, that business about protection from serious illness and death is as true as that “95% effective” crap.

Now many of my biggest fans out there in internet-land just hate it when I show actual facts that get in the way of a good story; it’s quite fascinating how people would rather kill the messenger than admit, or at the very least question, that what they believe they think they “know” is wrong. Hobgoblins of little minds and all that sort of thing I guess. So fair warning to all you righteous virtue-signaling quadruple vaxxed folks out there; this is going to be a bumpy ride so time to cinch up your bloomers.

Anyway, here’s a chart put together by someone way smarter than me, plotting the incidence of COVID deaths per hundred thousand population (data collected at the county level) over the last two years. This comes from someone going by the handle Ethical Skeptic and I came across it within a larger discussion by another really smart guy named Matthew Crawford whom you can find on Substack if you’re interested in really nerdy, really data heavy discussions. No? Just me? Oh well, moving on…Here’s the chart:

Ethical Skeptic points out (my bold):

“Covid Deaths per 100 K population trend down as the percentage of the population vaccinated rises. Vaccines working right? No, this is the function which existed prior to the vaccines being rolled out (22 Jan 2020 - 4 Apr 2021). Watch for charlatans exploiting this effect.”

Here’s another chart supporting that position:

What you’re seeing here is actual data showing that there is NO DIFFERENCE in COVID death rates in this country between the pre and post vaccine eras. Just wondering how you explain this. Now there can be some things like early vaccinating of the truly vulnerable or the early kill-off of the “dried tinder” (not my term so take it easy) but those things might only show some minor effects on the curve, maybe. If the vaccine was the Golden Idol we've been told it is, surely these two lines would look much different, no? This is just another nail in the coffin of the vaccine fallacy; the efficacy of the vaccine to “protect” you from anything is essentially zero. I know this is hard for many to accept but it is what it is. It doesn't work. Sorry, facts still matter.

Interestingly, as I said this info comes from Mathew Crawford who was actually discussing the effect of wealth on COVID protection. It appears that is a better predictor of COVID deaths than vaccination rate. The wealthier the county, the lower the death rate. This is always true and there are several probable reasons for this. The main one being of course, the wealthier one is, the better healthcare (and generally the better health) one enjoys. Also, the poorer, less healthy folks actually had to go out and work while the wealthier had the luxury of hiding under their beds for a year while having the Uber Eats guy (or gal, you know, whatever) leave their food on the porch and then evacuate the area so it was “safe” for the wealthy to crawl out of their hidey-hole and get their dinner.

Crawford concludes “We see that COVID-19 kills less in wealthy counties, and that protective effect of wealth becomes amplified during the year of the experimental vaccine rollout…Translated: Normalize by household income, and there is ZERO VE.”

To look at it from another angle, in the first year of the pandemic (Feb 1, 2020 to Feb 1, 2021) with a completely immune-naive population to a "novel" virus (remember when that was a thing?) and gross mismanagement by many governors and our medical "experts" we suffered a population fatality rate of 0.145. In the second year (Feb 1, 2021 to Feb 1, 2022) with hundreds of millions of vaccines distributed, and at least a hundred million people already infected by the beginning of the second year and therefore naturally protected, we suffered a population fatality rate of 0.133. That's a vaccine "protection" of only twelve one-thousandths of one percent. That's called math. Can anybody explain that?

So please keep this in mind when they roll out the New Coke (Google it if you’re too young to understand the reference) of vaccines in November. There is copious evidence that the vaccine does essentially nothing (certainly beyond two or three months) and also significant evidence that these repeated vaccines are harming you, maybe a lot. If you’re new to my zoo, let me state once again; nobody is coming to save you. If you’re not healthier now than you were two years ago, that’s on you but it’s never too late to begin taking control of your health destiny. Sleep, nutrition, exercise. Get these three things right and you have nothing to fear from COVID (although the truth is you never really did to begin with, with a national survival rate after two and a half years of better than 99.7% at the absolute worst). But if you choose to worship at the altar of medicine you will most likely be failed. It’s your life, start taking responsibility for it.

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