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These testimonials are from real people in our practice. 

Names have been omitted for privacy.

Our Thoughts: 

We understand that there may be times when medications are appropriate and necessary.  Medication administration for yourself or your child, is a personal decision. A decision that is, we feel, to be made after much research and discussion with your healthcare provider.  If you are currently medicated or considering medication to manage your mental health, we simply request that you also consider our holistic health modalities, such as BrainCore Neurofeedback.

Male Age 13

Thank you for working with our son.  He benefited greatly from the Neurofeedback sessions,  We appreciate all you have done for our family.

M.N. and Family


Female Age 15

Dear Dr. Steve,

I wanted to thank you for all you have done for our daughter. When I first met with you I knew we were at our breaking point.  You were our last hope before turning to medication to help (our daughter) manage her ADHD.  I was nervous and somewhat skeptical at first but wanted so hard to help (her) get to a better place academically, emotionally, and socially. I will never forget your words in the early days of her treatment. "Trust in the process!"  How right you were! Instead of emails and calls from school that (she) is in jeopardy of failing, I now receive messages about how well she is doing.  I no longer have to fight with her over homework or studying. She does it all on her own with no tears or anger.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting (her) on this new and exciting path that I never thought would happen. 

Thank you for your part in her journey!  We are forever thankful and grateful.

--Michelle (Her Mom)

(The child's name was removed for privacy)


Male Age 6

Dear Dr. Steve,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for my son's progress. My 6-year-old son was diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. Home life was a daily struggle for the family and my son. I received many complaints from his teacher that he was defiant and did not want to complete his work. At home, my son was defiant and angered easily. Simple tasks such as getting dressed were a challenge.  He would often say hurtful things to me and bother his sister often. Biofeedback has transformed my son's behavior. Just after 7 sessions, my husband and I saw a change in my son's behavior.  He became more empathetic, loving, happier, and considerate. My son's teacher also saw a big improvement in his behavior and focus. After 15 sessions I received a letter that read,

"Just to let you know your son had 2 wonderful days. I'm so proud of his behavior. He has made great strides with social issues and situations."

My son is at the top of his class. I believe he no longer has ODD and ADHD. I am so happy I believed in the process and didn't medicate my son. Thank you for giving my family and my son the opportunity to be happy!

--Fondly, Christine

(His Mom)


Female Age 24

My thoughts on neurofeedback are that I love it, absolutely LOVE it! What I got from my sessions was that my anxiety problem got better controlled and I no longer shake my hands constantly.  I get to think more clearly and I get to see my progress on the brain scan reports.


5 \ Female Age 24

My daughter is 24 and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with anxieties and communication and social delays since she was a young child and I didn't want her to be medicated. She decided to try neurofeedback with Dr. Steve Bacall and after 30n visits, we noticed a change in her anxieties which had diminished, She is more focused and sociable with her peers and coworkers. She now advocates for herself and is able to express her thoughts and feelings in conversations rather than throwing a tantrum or slamming her bedroom door. She is a happy young adult and I am grateful we decided to try Braincore therapy.  Dr. Steve Bacall is wonderful to work with and passionate about his client's well-being.


6 \ Female Age 16

I just saw (my daughter's) grades for the first marking period, She has all A's and A+'s. A feat never before achieved!

-- A Happy Mom

(The child's name was removed for privacy)

7\ Male Age 8


”Neurofeedback with Dr. Steve is indeed a blessing for us!

My child has been attending sessions twice a week since October and what a difference we’ve noticed! 

Improvements in speech and comprehension. He is able to communicate better, with more complex sentences; he also now better understands his surroundings. 

At school, it was noticed within weeks; I began receiving emails from his teacher on how he improved in reading and math (he went up 3 reading levels this year!!!) along with better transitions and fewer emotional outbursts.  

A big bonus is the welcoming, laid-back atmosphere we find at this practice.  Steve is always greeting us with a smile and does his best to always accommodate us.  

My child loves coming here! 

We are so thankful we found you!”

--A happy Mom

See progress chart of this child from school:

testimonial 6_23.png

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