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So welcome to 2023. Here’s my prediction:

2021 says “Hey remember how you couldn’t wait for me to be over because everyone said 2022 HAD to be better than me and then in 22 we started getting actual data on this vaccine fiasco and now people are saying 2022 stunk and 2023 HAS to be better?”

2023 says “Hold my beer.”

2023 may make some of us long for 2022 or even 2021 if the data coming out about the uselessness and harms of the new Golden Idol continues to leak out, which I believe it will. But as always you must brace yourself and be ever vigilant to recognize the lies being told to us everyday by everybody about this issue. An excellent case in point is the recent appearance of Dr. Zeke Emmanuel (a bigshot who definitely knows what he’s talking about. DEFINITELY.) on MSNBC (there’s a surprise). Old Zeke must have started partying early because he first said, shockingly, something actually honest and truthful, so listen up you true believers.

“...we keep thinking that vaccines are gonna prevent getting COVID. They DON’T [his emphasis] prevent getting COVID…” I think it’s cool how we went from “95% effective” at preventing infection, to “0% effective” and everyone seems to be like “Yeah, OK.” After just that one lie, how could you ever believe another word they say? So if you know someone who still believes getting vaccinated somehow protects you, or protects them, have ‘em watch old Zeke and then explain their “beliefs”. You can find the clip here:

But Zeke’s not as dumb as he looks. That first line was the bait, now here comes the switch. “...what they prevent is serious illness, hospitalization, and death.” See, he comes at you with some irrefutable truth (the vaccines are completely useless at preventing infection or spread), and then he rides that into a lie. I have asked many times for anyone to present actual data supporting the claim that these vaccines prevent serious illness, hospitalization, or death but alas, I’ve yet to see any such data.

Oh wait, here’s some. This is provided by the good folks from the Washington State Department of Health who for some reason produce actual data on the regular. Let’s take a look:

There are roughly 4.8 million people over the age of 12 living in Washington. So doing a little back-of-the-napkin math shows us that, over the entire period in which vaccines have been available, the vaccinated have a 0.2% (two-tenths of one percent) reduced chance of ending up in the hospital and a 0.03% (three one-hundredths of one percent) reduced chance of dying vs. the evil, stupid unvaxxed. Now they’ll come at you with “rates” which show three or four times higher levels in the unvaxxed but let’s be clear that first, three or four times nothing is still nothing. Second, if I lived in Washington over the last two years and did not get vaccinated, my chance of dying from COVID stands at about one-tenth of one percent (5,418 unvaxxed deaths out of 4.8 million people). That’s it. It’s actually lower than that if you include the whole population (including under 12 years old) but we’ll use their parameters. How much possible protection can one gain through vaccination to improve on one-tenth of one percent? If you break it down by cohort (vaxxed vs. unvaxxed) the ACTUAL DIFFERENCE in deaths is about 0.3% or three-tenths of one percent. Now three-tenths of one percent doesn’t SEEM like any measure of “protection” worth talking about, and it certainly isn’t anywhere NEAR how they portray it, but whatever. And remember, these data are polluted by who was counted as vaxxed or not and whether people died "from" or "with" COVID. So these unvaxxed numbers are the worst case scenario.

What’s also interesting is they don’t show us the data on the once or twice “boosted”. In fact their data on vax status ends on August 31. I wonder why…

There are a couple of laughs to be found here, however. One, Emmanuel holds up an N-95 mask and tells us that's one of the ONLY ways to prevent transmission, especially on planes. You may remember that the mask mandate on planes was struck down back in mid-April. This of course led to all sorts of craziness by the blue-hairs. We were most assuredly NOW all going to die. DEFINITELY. Here's what happened since the removal of that illegal mandate:

In a word; nothing. There is absolutely NO signal for increased damage done by removing the stupid and illegal mask mandate. One would think that after getting every single prediction wrong, one would shut the f*ck up and go away, but apparently not.

Two, the interviewer tells us she was "shocked and appalled" when her kids (22 and 16) told her in response to setting up vax appointments for them that they were done with vaccines and didn't want any more as they did not need them. She was "shocked and appalled" because, well, she's a completely ignorant idiot and she doesn't understand the first thing about these vaccines. They are ALL liars and idiots.

I have shown you many times from many places that these numbers and differences are the norm so as we enter a new year, please be aware of all the “misinformation” that the mainstream media and the medical “experts” continue to foist upon us. It is clear that this vaccine is all but useless and it is equally clear that it carries significant risks of harm. So next month when they tell you there’s a new boogeyman and you need another shot, remember this. Or don’t. As always, you do you. But don’t say you’ve never been warned.

Happy New Year!

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