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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

So here’s a couple of interesting points (hat tip Alex Berenson):

On October 1, 2021 the New York Times published a story entitled “In Portugual, There Is Virtually No One Left to Vaccinate”. An article extolling the virtues of the Portuguese response, using a former submarine commander to right what was a sinking ship (my caps for emphasis). “Portugal is among the world’s leaders in vaccinations, with roughly 86 per cent of its population of 10.3 million fully vaccinated. About 98 per cent of all of those eligible for vaccines — meaning anyone over 12 — have been fully vaccinated... ‘The first thing is to make this thing a war’…‘We believe we have reached the point of group protection and nearly herd immunity’…‘Things look very good.’”

So on October 1, 2021 Portugal had about 86% of its population fully vaccinated as compared to the anti-vax, troglodyte-filled United States where we had only about 58% fully vaxxed. Clearly the Portuguese were both intellectually and morally superior. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Hall of Fame:

What EXACTLY happened to that “group protection” and “herd immunity” where by the beginning of this last winter spike Portugal had more than 80% vaxxed and about 25% boosted and yet daily cases spiked to a level almost FIVE TIMES GREATER than any seen previously, even when there were ZERO vaccines? Asking for a friend. By the way, Portugal just experienced another little spike with a boosted rate of about 62%. How exactly do we explain these spikes in such a well-vaccinated country?

Maybe it has something to do with this quote from a recent CNN piece published May 20, 2022 “But there's another piece of the immunity puzzle that scientists are urgently trying to solve, and that is whether some of this drop off in our protection may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines, such as those developed by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech, which were the first in the world to use this platform.”

Wait, is it possible that all us crackpots who had been warning about possible damage such as original antigenic sin (and other unknowable problems) from a vaccine employing a never-before-used technology that was magically developed by not one, but two companies (one, Moderna, had never produced anything viable before this) at the same exact time in about the same exact amount of time and was then approved for use in weeks instead of years might not have been crazy after all? I have discussed on multiple occasions the indications of negative vaccine efficacy – that is, once you’re vaxxed, you seem to be more susceptible to infection than those not vaxxed – by showing data from all over the world documenting the majority of not just cases, but hospitalizations and deaths occurring in the fully vaxxed. Interestingly, that type of data (never available from our CDC) is getting harder to find as the inconvenient truth of the failures of the vaccine isn’t on Anthony Fauci’s favorite play list and so states and countries simply stop publishing it.

By the way, this isn’t new information; at least not to Pfizer. Remember how we were told, in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, that the vaccine was “95% effective”? Well apparently according to Pfizer’s own data which they have been forced to release now as opposed to in 50 years, we find this:

Remember we were told that during Pfizer’s trials there were 162 “cases” in the placebo group but only 8 in the vax group (that’s where the “95% effective” thing comes from)? Well those figures came from using that stupid useless PCR test and it turns out that if you actually measure nucleocapsid antibodies (N-Ab), these are antibodies your immune system produces in response to the actual virus (you don’t make these from the jab) we see that instead of 8 and 162, the numbers are 75 and 160 (at one month after the second shot – so you are “fully vaccinated”). That means that out of 235 people showing antibodies to the actual virus (not the vax), 75 had been “fully vaccinated”. That means that one out of every three infections was in a “fully vaccinated” person. Now that’s still a “protection” of about 68%, but if you calculate in the fact that those who are vaccinated and then get infected produce nucleocapsid antibodies at a rate about 2.3 times less often than those who are not vaccinated, the numbers of infections between the vaxxed and unvaxxed are essentially equal; meaning no protection at all from the jab. To be clear, as we know that those vaxxed and then infected produce these nucleocapsid antibodies 2.3 times less often, and the data above about nucleocapsid production sites 75 cases in the vax group, if we multiply 75 by 2.3 (which gives us a more accurate representation of infection) we end up with 172 cases in the vaxxed group as opposed to only 160 in the unvaxxed group. By the way, the fact that those infected after vaccination produce these nucleocapsid antibodies 2.3 times less often (just 40% of the time) than those infected but unvaccinated (they produce these antibodies 93% of the time) is evidence of immune system damage plain and simple. Sorry Faucifans.

Anyway, if you’ve been vaxxed, whatever damage you have done to yourself is done (hey maybe don’t do it to your kids who are already at zero risk from COVID), but if you really want to “protect” yourself from the ‘rona maybe consider actually getting healthier. I know it doesn’t benefit Pfizer, but I think we’ve given them enough, don’t you?

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