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So they actually did it. “The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously Thursday to add COVID-19 vaccination to its panel of routine immunizations for both kids and adults.” But before you freak out (my bold) “The 15-0 vote does not mandate vaccination for children or adults or prevent unvaccinated children from attending school; it's simply an annual update to the child and adult immunization schedules, panelists pointed out.” This told to us by some infant named Shannon Firth who works for MedPage Today and she’s been “reporting on health policy” since all the way back in 2014. This is all you need to know about the quality and honesty of what you’ll get out of MedPage Today. Nothing to worry about, it's just a simple update. Unless of course you live in one of those states that pins their mandatory vaccine schedule to that of the CDC. Just to illustrate the complete fraud that is MedPage Today and the whole mainstream media, here’s the picture MedPage Today used in this article:

Look how happy and proud this little girl is! It was probably a tough choice between a new Barbie Dream House or getting a brand new chemical concoction delivered by a never-before-successfully used technology that was rushed to market in months instead of years that was tested for efficacy on exactly zero kids her age to protect her from a virus that poses no risk to her but prevents neither infection nor transmission anyway and has unknowable longer term side effects, but I think we can all agree she made the right decision. She’s having an even better time than if Joe Biden was sniffing her!

Here’s a more realistic picture:

Anyone who has kids, or a brain, knows exactly which of these pictures is real life and which one is conjured up bullshit. By the way, the poor kid in picture number two seems to have a whole lot more juice in his syringe than our star vax-getter in pic number one. What's up with that?

Now I wrote a whole long paper detailing the lies and stupidity concerning putting this garbage on the vax schedule, using many of the CDC’s own numbers but I know nobody will read a 15 minute paper explaining the minutia, so the short and sweet is if you vaccinate your healthy child you’re trading a one in a million risk of death for a roughly one in a thousand risk of sending your kid to the hospital because of a serious adverse event from the vaccine. That’s a ONE THOUSAND TIMES greater risk. To put it a different way, if you vaccinated every school kid in America (grammar school and high school) to prevent 1,000 deaths (which is roughly what we have, at most, after two and a half years), you’d send about 93,000 KIDS to the hospital due to serious adverse events.

A child's overall risk of dying from COVID is about 0.001% at worst. That’s one one-thousandth of one percent. For a normally healthy kid the risk is about 0.0001% or one ten-thousandth of one percent or literally one in a million. That’s statistically ZERO and as I have detailed before, you cannot improve on a risk of ZERO so the vaccine can’t, by the very laws of mathematics, provide any protection to this age group. Also the fact that pretty much every kid already has antibodies (many due to natural infection) belies the futility of the vaccine. Despite what Fauci says, natural immunity has been shown to clearly provide better and longer lasting protection than that from the vaccine (as it always has).

So if your local school board tries to force your kids to take this vaccine you have three choices:

  1. Your school board is populated by idiots who are illiterate and innumerate and lack any ability to think critically as the data clearly shows essentially no benefit but significant risk to children being vaccinated.

  2. Your school board members understand the true risk/benefit but still want to force you to vaccinate your children anyway, which could only be attributed to some political loyalty, which makes them evil.

  3. Your school board members understand the true risk/benefit and do not want to force you to vaccinate your children but they are afraid of what might happen to them if they go against what the State and others on their board want them to do, in which case they are cowards.

These are your only three choices. In any event you must stand up and be counted to protect your children. Tell your school board members that if they are not willing to stand up and do the right thing then they should step aside and let somebody else do it. In what other scenario would you allow your child to be exposed to a 93 TIMES GREATER RISK to prevent a risk of essentially ZERO?

I am definitely NOT a conspiracy guy, I am a data guy, but having paid close attention over the past two and a half years I can say without a doubt that something VERY WRONG is going on here. Complete incompetence cannot explain how we got here; if that were the case then by sheer chance some of the decisions made would have gone in the opposite direction. Something else is afoot and if not before, NOW is the time to stand up and be counted if needed. I know I will be delineating the three choices above to my local school board and daring them to explain themselves if necessary and I don’t even have kids in the local school system any more.

Let me be crystal clear. If ANYBODY tells you they "know" this vaccine is safe for your kids, they are LYING to you. ANYBODY. It is IMPOSSIBLE to "know" that as there have been NO LONG TERM STUDIES done. We know about altered menstrual periods, reduced sperm counts, RNA in breast milk, and oh yeah, myocarditis, with high school age boys being in the most susceptible group. And we know these things in about a year of usage when NONE OF THEM were mentioned during the much ballyhooed rollout.

There is one more choice of course. It’s the school board member who understands the true risk/benefit and actually does stand up to protect our children irrespective of the consequences. That person is a hero in America today.

From the novel “Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful" by Alan Paton

"I've come to see a man who resigns his job because he doesn't wish to obey an order that will prevent children from playing with one another.”

"I resigned because I think it is time to go out and fight everything that separates people from one another. Do I look like a knight in shining armor?"

"Yes, you look like a knight in shining armor, but you are going to get wounded. Do you know that?"

"I expect that may happen."

"Well, you expect correctly. People don't like what you are doing, but I am thinking of joining with you in the battle."

"You're going to wear the shining armor, too."

"Yes, and I'm going to get wounded, too. Not only by the government, but also by my own people as well."

"Are you worried about the wounds?"

"I don't worry about the wounds. When I get up there, which is my intention, the Holy One will say to me, 'Where are your wounds?' and if I say, 'I haven't any,' he will say, 'Was there nothing worth fighting for?' I couldn't answer that question."

Any society that would endanger its children in an attempt to protect itself is not worth saving. If this vaccine mandate comes to your school district you must stand up and risk whatever wounds may be threatened. THIS is a hill worth dying on. Our children deserve no less.

By the way, when the European Parliament requested that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla come in and answer questions about Pfizer's secretive contract with the EU leaders for the vax, he didn't show. Then when they demanded documentation concerning this contract, which the PEOPLE of the European Union paid for, this is what they got back:

Do you get it yet?

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