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Submitted for your perusal is this video (hat tip Steve Kirsch) made by a bunch of doctors from the UK in which they urge that we stop jabbing people due to adverse events and lack of not only “safety” but “effectiveness” as well.

Now I know to some it is still unacceptable to believe that this whole vaccine thing has been one giant fiasco (or possibly much worse), but at some point even you true-believer, science-following, expert-worshipers have to come around and admit that you’ve made a mistake, and even though perhaps your “heart was in the right place” it’s time to recognize you were duped by idiots and liars whom you believed actually had our best interest, and some integrity, at heart. You were lured in by the Dunning-Kruger effect. You actually believed you “knew” what you were talking about because you learned some cool words like “PCR test” or “mRNA” or “safe and effective” or even “antibodies”. In short, you believed you were more competent on the subject matter than you actually were. It happens.

Interestingly, people who were all about forcing vaccines on everyone because they “knew” they worked and were safe now look at troglodytes like me and honestly believe they’re still smarter and we just got lucky (they believe WE'RE the ones who fell prey to the Dunning-Kruger effect). Funny how that works. But every so often you get a relatively honest confession like this one. Here’s Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert who was as “looking down his nose” pro-vax as one could be:

You can tell it pains him to admit it but at least he’s honest enough to do so. Good for him. And welcome to team reality. But let me just say I'm not down with the whole "winners and losers" thing. We've all lost, a lot, over these past three years (unless your name is Gates or Bourla or Bezos - then you won a WHOLE LOT). I don't think most of us over here take any great pleasure in being "right". Unless it's towards some horrible people like Jimmy Kimmel and his audience who laughed at the thought of some non-vaxxed person dying at the curb of an emergency room (btw, no hospital in America, or anywhere else, was ever "overrun") or Howard Stern and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Biden who told us to "screw" our freedom. Those kinds of people (including your Aunt Karen) can all rot in Hell.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the video of real interest for today. Again, these are medical doctors who can't ALL be conspiracy kooks, can they?:

Now for reasons I will leave to your imagination, we don’t see this sort of video being made by American doctors. I wonder why. At least back in the 80’s after the Brits made “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” for Ethiopian famine relief, our musicians here copied our British brethren, quite poorly I’m afraid, but with typical American bravado, with “We Are The World” No haters please. I fly an American flag at my house every day.

Here’s one other graphic:

The latest published data from the UK shows an excess mortality of about 20% above normal for week 2 of 2023. That’s almost 3,000 additional people dead with only about 900 of those “involving COVID”. And as you can see, this excess, non-COVID death stuff has been going on for some time (anything above the dotted line is excess). Now as Sherlock Holmes would say "If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." What’s the reason for all these excess deaths? Well it could be climate change or gas stoves or “sudden adult death syndrome” or even “stroke season”. These things are certainly POSSIBLE. But since none of these things are uniquely new to the last two years (That is, we've had weather and gas stoves for some time now. The other two things are just silly), one might suspect the ONE THING that IS uniquely new. I don’t want to get sent to the gulag so I’ll leave that answer to your imagination.

It’s like watching that nature video where the bug is crawling around the Venus flytrap. You can see what’s going to happen; it IS going to happen; it’s just a matter of time. And part of you wants to see the bug escape, but destiny is inevitable and the truth will set you free. Just ask Scott Adams.

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