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So back in August of 2021 I posted a piece entitled “NATURAL IMMUNITY BETTER THAN VAX?” in which I questioned the validity, or motivation, behind the insistence that immunity derived from the vax was better than natural immunity derived from being infected with the evil coronavirus itself. If you don’t remember, go back and take a look at how Fauci, all of media, and the ubiquitous (and honest, don’t forget honest) fact-checkers were insisting that the vax was better, and that a video of Fauci from 2004 where he said natural immunity is better was “being taken out of context”. Liars and imbeciles all.

Anyway, I wrote last year in part “…just as with ‘safe and effective’, the interesting thing here is how much we were told we KNEW that the vaccine was BETTER than the natural immunity someone would obtain through getting infected with coronavirus itself. Now this was something new, in that natural immunity was always understood to be superior (or at the very least, equal) to vaccination. But apparently not with this virus, for which we coincidentally had a brand new “vaccine” worth billions of dollars.” We were told we HAD to still get the vax even if we’d already been infected if we wanted to save the world. The World Health Organization even removed “immunity developed through previous infection” from their definition of herd immunity. But don’t worry, the fact-checkers were there to set you straight if you thought this change in definition was part of some nefarious plot to push us towards the vax. You see, they told us that yes, the WHO has changed its definition from what was the accepted understanding of immunity forever to that point, but it was NOT done in secret, so it’s OK.

I then gave this explanation so everyone could understand:

“Here’s a quick and dirty primer on why this vaccine in particular cannot be as good as obtaining natural immunity through infection. In this story, the part of the coronavirus will be played by an egg. Let’s say we know that everyone is susceptible to getting sick from eating an egg. For our purposes I am referring to the whole egg – shell, white, and yolk. You swallow a whole egg; you have now been exposed to our “germ” and you may or may not actually get sick, but you have now, nevertheless been exposed and therefore your innate (inborn, natural, God-given, whatever floats your boat) immune system swings into action and creates an immune response to the egg…the WHOLE EGG; shell, white, and yoke. Now along comes a little man muttering something about “My Precious” (shout out The Hobbit again) holding a syringe telling you the magic in the tube, the “vaccine” will protect you better than your own body could ever dream of doing. The problem here is the vaccine is just ground up egg shells. Forgoing the skepticism of actually injecting ground up eggshells through a needle into your arm, in our story it can actually be done (C’mon man, suspend disbelief!). And as the body is wont to do, it recognizes this injected eggshell as an invader and creates an immune response to same. The problem here is, your body is making an immune response to the shell of the egg only, whereas through natural infection your body creates an immune response to the whole egg. So through natural immunity the next time your body sees an egg, even if the shell is a different color, the body recognizes other parts of the egg as bad and swings into action. But through vaccine immunity, if the eggshell is a different color, the body may not recognize it and won’t fire up the troops to protect you. Got it? Good.”

It turns out this is EXACTLY what has happened (aside from the fact that whatever “protection” the vax provides wears off in a few months). Your vaccinated body now produces an immune response to the original coronavirus strain (the blue shell) and as the virus mutated into different variants (different colored shells) your body is left almost defenseless because it has no immunity to the yolk or white. Sweet.

Well now I’ve come across a paper actually published in Nature (still recognized as a premiere science journal) way back in January of 2022 (hat tip John Campbell on Youtube) entitled “Cross-reactive memory T cells associate with protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection in COVID-19 contacts” in which we’re told:

“We observe higher frequencies of cross-reactive (p = 0.0139), and nucleocapsid-specific (p = 0.0355) IL-2-secreting memory T cells in contacts who remained PCR-negative despite exposure (n = 26), when compared with those who convert to PCR-positive (n = 26); no significant difference in the frequency of responses to spike is observed, hinting at a limited protective function of spike-cross-reactive T cells. Our results are thus consistent with pre-existing non-spike cross-reactive memory T cells protecting SARS-CoV-2-naïve contacts from infection, thereby supporting the inclusion of non-spike antigens in second-generation vaccines.

In English what they’re saying is if you had previously been infected by some other coronavirus, not the one causing COVID-19 but one of the other four common coronaviruses that cause the common cold and have been around forever, your body may very well have memory T-cells from that exposure (“nucleocapsid-specific” - that is the white or the yolk) to protect you from this one as opposed to no response from antibodies made to the spike; which is the entire focus of this vaccine. People with this prior immunity don’t allow the virus to take hold enough to even show a positive PCR test. Their body sees the virus and, using old soldiers from previous wars, shuts it down immediately.

The authors correctly recommend “the inclusion of non-spike antigens in second-generation vaccines” but nobody seems to be asking WHY the vaccine we got included none of the white or yolk and only the shell; coincidentally being the part of the egg most regularly apt to mutate (and would therefore call for a “new and improved” booster like the one we got). Everybody knew the spike was the part that most commonly mutated. Everybody knew such a mutation could easily render the vaccine ineffective at stopping infection and transmission (the whole reason for the vax to begin with, before that reason was changed to “at least it’ll keep you out of the hospital or from dying” which it doesn’t). Everyone knew such spike mutations would then call for “new” vaccines on a regular basis…oh wait.

Do you get it yet?

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