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So there are big doins’ in the “vaccines for babies” world these days. And despite indisputable evidence of heart damage to males under age 40 (that means scar tissue on Junior’s heart for life) the “experts” and talking heads have repeatedly assured us that these shots are both “safe and effective”. Well of course “effective” is out the window, but what about “safe”? By the way, for all those true-believers out there who give thanks for the vax every time they get infected (because that makes sense) because the shot “saved” them from a "worse illness", I’d very much like to see that data. Where EXACTLY is the data that says my COVID experience will be better if I've been vaxxed and then get infected? Remember, the actual difference in your chances of dying from COVID whether you are vaxxed or not is measured in the hundredths of one percent range. That's a mathematical fact. Remember again, we've been told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that Omicron, while much more contagious is much less lethal, yet at the same time we're told the lower death rates in the face of Omicron waves are "proof" that the vaccines protect against death. Which is it? Less deadly variant or vaccine efficacy? Data please.

Anyway, hey remember a few months ago when Nicki Minaj got into a dustup talking about her cousin’s friend who became impotent after getting vaxxed and of course she was called a crackpot? Good times. But now we have a paper published in the journal Andrology (hat tip Alex Berenson) entitled “Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors”. What did the researchers find?

“Repetitive measurements revealed −15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction” “T2” is a measurement taken about two and a half to four months after the second shot. “Total motile count” refers to how many swimmers in the pool. Interestingly, the authors go on to state “T3 evaluation demonstrated overall recovery. Semen volume and sperm motility were not impaired.” “T3” was around five months (or later) after completing the two vaccines. If you look at the chart below, you will see that “Total Motile Count” for T3 is negative 19.4%. Now that may be better than negative 22.1% from T2 but I’m not sure how that counts as evidence of “overall recovery”. It’s still 19.4% below the pre-vax numbers, but whatever. And remember, now we're talking about vaccinating prepubescent boys and even babies. What are the long-term implications for them? Ah, who cares? Pfizer has dividends to pay!!

Am I saying you’re going to sterilize Junior if you jab him? No. Am I saying the liars and idiots who have assured us repeatedly that these shots are “safe and effective” are, well, liars and idiots? Yes. This data is clear evidence of some kind of damage to the male reproductive system. Temporary? Perhaps (although that’s NOT what the data show). The TRUTH is we have no idea. Are you willing to risk you son’s heart health, reproductive capacity, and who knows what else to “protect” him from a virus that presents a ZERO risk to him to begin with? Your choice. By the way, wait til data on female reproductive damage comes out; that may take years but I wouldn’t bet too much on it being good news.

Please think before you vax your kids.

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